7 Storytelling Secrets for CEOs from Narendra Modi, CEO of India Inc

When you have a long successful track record to back up your stories, you can be more than a storyteller, you can rather be an inspirational storyteller. Mr Modi has walked his talk already as CM of Gujarat, so he need not weave imaginary stories, rather he can inspire through actual stories of achievement and thus inspire the nation. Let us see how he used inspirational and brand storytelling to his advantage and rocked the nation with an amazing election victory.

Successful Brand Storytelling requires a 7E approach which includes;

1) Empathy

2) Emotional Connect

3) Edutainment

4) Evocation

5) Eloquence

6) Energizing

7) Engaging on Multiple Platforms

A wake up call for Indian CEOs and promoters, some important lessons here. With the advent of Digital Storytelling, you don't need thousands of crores to build a personal brand.

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