Making of ‘The 7 Joys of Life’

(Dr Karan Singh, Indian Parliamentarian, Statesman & renowned Thinker releasing the book at India International Centre, New Delhi. Others include-left to right; Raja Choudhury, Renowned Filmmaker, Dr Amit Nagpal, Author and Sh Satpalji Maharaj, Indian MP)

Do we need a little more JOY in our lives? I think all of us are going to say a loud YES.

Life has unbounded possibilities and jubilation comes in many sizes and guises. Happiness is all about attitude, attitude of finding joy in small things and small wonders of nature. Some of the biggest sources of happiness like watching the sea, falling in love, holding a baby in your arms and so on come absolutely free. 

The book was conceptualized in a brainstorming session with a friend (Ashish Bhagwat) and is designed to be a holistic guide to living joyfully. It is not only a life manual in some ways but also intends to create a paradigm shift in our attitude towards happiness. 

Some of these shifts include:-

  • Money is not the only source of joy
  • Personal Growth can be a source of joy
  • Primary reason for meditation should not be to reduce stress but to add joy
  • Pampering oneself need not be accompanied by guilt

From right to left- Dr Sushi Singh, (CEO, Educomp Foundation, Gurgaon & Member Governing body,BRICS Chamber of Commerce & Industry), Mr SBK Singh, Special Commissioner-Security, Delhi Police and Dr Amit Nagpal

Why 7 Joys of Life
7 colours make a rainbow, 7 chords make music, 7 days make a week, and 7 continents make a world.  7 has something special about it. Call it Lucky 7 or Spiritual 7.

The project began with listing the seven major aspects of life viz 4 Internal (Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual) and 3 External (Relationships, Financial/Work and Nature). During discussions with Naveen Srivastava (Publisher) and others, a sort of a sequence of a joyful life was created. 

We realized it must begin with knowing yourself and subsequently connecting with self followed by discovering deepest passion, developing wisdom, relating with people, rejuvenation and pampering of self (including realization of our peak potential). When we have realized our peak potential, we develop a global mindset and uncover our inner greatness.

The book starts with a prologue discussing, “What is Joy after all?” and ends with an epilogue discussing "The Joy of Giving" and contributing back to society. It is only after creating joy in our own lives that we can spread the joy around. Isn't it?

During the writing of the book and listing sources of joy, a need was felt to include major barriers to joy, be it office politics or emotional baggage. One must learn to handle these barriers with the right attitude, else they can sap all our energy.

The book inspires the readers to become Global and Great (influenced by Global and Greatness Coach Michael Thallium who has also helped in curating it).

The Story of Collaboration

Since I hardly found role models in business storytelling in India (way back in 2008), I started connecting with lot of people across the globe to learn storytelling on social media. When I decided to become a Business Storyteller in 2010, I realized that world has become a truly global village due to social & digital media and it made sense to collaborate globally.

One day the thought crossed my mind, “I have got connected with lots of thought leaders from across the world and they can really enrich the book with their contributions. Many of the new concepts in the west like peak potential coaching and so on can be introduced to eastern part of the world as well.”

In October 2011, I contacted my close friends across the world and discussed the idea of a collaborative book on joys of life and the response was just overwhelming. More than 90 % of the responses were positive and I suggested topics to the contributors based on the expertise of each person and aligned it with the theme of joy. I requested everyone to strongly co-relate the article with JOY and avoid spiritual terminology as far as possible (I had experienced that simplified and applied spirituality which enters from the back door had a broader appeal and connects with the young generation also).

Soon a wonderful manuscript was ready which needed a bit of editing, a bit of rewriting and a bit of rehashing to make it world class. It had wonderful contributions by 19 authors (besides me) from different walks of life residing in 6 countries across 4 continents. Many of the contributors already had their books on and this added tremendously to the credibility.

Amitabh Joshi (Senior journalist and Former Executive Producer at a reputed Hindi TV channel) edited the manuscript and commented, “Amit I will not be surprised if the book is reviewed in an international publication'. The content is excellent and innovative.” Well, Amen to that!

I am reminded of a quote by Winston Churchill on book writing. He quoted,

“Writing a book is an adventure.
To begin with, it is a toy and an amusement;
Then it becomes a mistress,
And then it becomes a master and then a tyrant.
The last phase is that just as you are about to be reconciled to your servitude,
You kill the monster and fling him out to the public.”

And soon we were ready for flinging the monster out to the public.

Book Review (July issue Page 23)

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Foreword (to the book) by Alan Jacobs

This well written book by the celebrated Brand Management Authority Dr Amit Nagpal PhD, combines both practical and spiritual wisdom. For example, the Joy of Knowing Yourself in Chapter One combines the necessary understanding of both the ordinary everyday self and the Real Higher Self.  Dr. Nagpal   makes it abundantly clear that Self Knowledge in some form or the other is essential for living the joyful happy life, along with possessing the basic understanding of our normal everyday self. The chapters continue this theme on Connecting With Your True Self, and then moving onto more worldly considerations, such as connecting to your worldly passions and ambitions. Nagpal then returns to the necessity of taking all our important decisions with wisdom, both practically and philosophically. He also has important chapters on Relationships, and the essential need for rejuvenating oneself, with imaginative leisure and recreational activities. 

As a former Professional Life Coach, I can certainly state that this fine book lives up to its title. To complete the book Dr. Nagpal calls on contributions based on personal experience by several leading world experts who  have all proved themselves professionally, educationally,  and commercially in their chosen fields by actually  living from  these principles in their careers and personal lives. The book concludes with an inspirational Epilogue, and assessment questionnaire, to measure your place in achieving these seven joys, and includes the most valuable resource of a Holistic Living Directory.

I am certain that this book will greatly appeal and benefit all those who are keen to discover the Seven Joys of Successful Living, especially young and middle aged Professional and Post Graduates, aspiring to reach the heights of middle and upper class achievement. As someone who has combined both practical business and life coaching experience with higher philosophical and spiritual knowledge, I have no hesitation in recommending this most commendable work.

Alan Jacobs
Former Professional Life Coach and NLP Practioner 
President of the Ramana Maharshi Foundation UK
London, December 2011


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