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Personal Branding

How I Became One of the 100 Most Influential Indians Online in Just One Year?
Once upon a time I was an average frustrated Indian with expectations (from life) much more than achievements. And then I was introduced to the magical world of digital. (Read More)

Spirituality, Social Media and Personal Branding
Spirituality and personal branding-what the hell are you talking, you have gone bonkers”, you must be thinking this. Before you curse me further, let me explain this.(Read more)

Personal Branding FAQ and Myths
Personal Branding is a way of communicating, what makes you different and special or the unique value you can offer to your employer or client. (Read More)

How to use Linkedin to Build a Powerful Personal Brand
Our potential clients, employers, partners and so on first check our Linkedin profile to verify our education, experience, interests, recommendation and common connections.(Read More)

3E-Enlarge, Excel & Evolve as a Personal Brand
When I talk of the necessity for personal growth to be successful on social media, my audience often gives me a puzzled look. Then I give a smile and begin the explanation of my approach and philosophy, (Also read about the 3R philosophy of Jennifer Sertl who inspired the 3E philosophy)
Enlarge, Excel and Evolve (Read More)
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7 Personal Branding Lessons You Learn by Falling in love The first guideline I share with a new client is, “You don’t build a personal brand. People do, when they see excellence & have pride in associating with you.” So you must, “Enlarge as a human being, Excel as a social media being and Evolve as a personal brand.” (Read More)

Women, Glass Ceiling and Personal Branding
So what if you are the fairer sex. In the corporate world (especially in India) which does not have sense of time, loves aggression, uses filthy language under pressure often, wants to be lean and mean, wants emotionless hire and fire and has a special affinity for stress; are you getting a fair deal? (Read more)

Professionals, Knowledgepreneurs & Personal Branding
We live in the knowledge society today and knowledge workers and professionals have an edge when it comes to personal branding through social media. Knowledgepreneurs are professional entrepreneurs who sell their knowledge as part of the profession. It includes lawyers, architects, doctors, life coaches, trainers, CAs, CFAs, Consultants, Cost & Work Accountants and so on. (Read More)

How Introverts are Changing the Rules of the Game with Online Branding?
We have lived in a world which worships the ‘Extrovert’ and pushes the ‘Introvert’ to become an extrovert, to get success. As 'The New York Times' bestselling author Susan Cain says, “Introversion along with its cousins sensitivity, seriousness and shyness is now a second class personality trait.” But many of us have not even realised the world has changed. (Read More)

Personal Growth, Wisdom & Social Media Success
Social Media is a glasshouse and our negative attitudes & biases (and stupidities too) are visible to our network sooner or later. Wisdom, passion, storytelling, isn’t internet pointing us back to the basics. (Read More)

Personal Branding Basics Youtube Video

How Personal Branding has Become Easier due to Social Media/Online Tools?
The concept of Personal Branding was introduced by Tom Peters in 1997, William Arruda popularized the concept all over the world starting in 2001. But offline personal branding was only suitable for the upper class / richer countries. (Read more)

Personal Branding Role Models Across Cultures
A Few days back I was wondering why most of my clients are entrepreneurs and why people into jobs are not so keen on building personal brands? I decided  to do some informal research and called many of my friends and acquaintances (in middle and top management) to find out their opinions.(Read more)

Personal Branding for Creative People
Creative people generally get so absorbed and emotionally involved in their passion and work, that they forget to market and brand themselves. That is why many creative people live a life of a pauper. Many of them (highly creative) are often not interested in selling themselves and suffer financially because of this nature. (Read More)

Personal Branding for Freelancers
Freelancers are free birds with varying incomes every month. Sometimes they are overloaded with work (and they are forced to outsource) and at other times they have nothing to do. (Read more)

Stop the Job Hunt and Let the Job Hunt you
The times of job searching have gone. Its the employees' market and not the employers' market. Here are 10 reasons why you should not look for a job and employer should be chasing you. (Read more)

Deepest Passion

How I Discovered my Deepest Passion?
The article is a personal journey of how the author discovered his deepest passion. It provides a cue for the readers and a step by step experience of how one may discover his/her deepest passion.(Read more)

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Social Media

10 Good Manners for Social Media

Social media is all about sharing your talents and skills.
Zig Ziglar rightly says, ‘You can have anything you want as long as you give people enough of what they want’. Become likeable and respectable by sharing wisdom and good content that you come across.(Read more)

How Social Media Changed me as a Person Forever?
Dr D. Ikeda, Buddhist teacher says, "In Japan, the mountain potatoes known as taros are rough and dirty when harvested, but when they are placed in a basin of running water together and rolled against each other, the skin peels away, leaving the potatoes shining clean and ready for cooking. (Read more)

Thought Leadership

Thought Leadership and Personal Branding

Let me tell you a fairy tale today.Once upon a time thought leadership was a tough job indeed. One of the earliest thought leaders in the world, (Read more)

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3 Steps to Thought Leadership
Janet's Blog
Walk the walk, Talk the talk and then walk the talk (Read more)
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