From News to Infotainment to Tamasha (Melodrama)

 “From News to Infotainment to Tamasha (Melodrama)” is my first book and is based on my five years of research on TV news audiences in India. It was TV news which created an interest in me in social and new media (way back in 2006). The social media and new media initiatives of all the channels have been discussed in detail. The book looks at news from the perspective of a viewer, a journalist and a manager running the news channel. It also provides the basics of TV news industry for anyone who wants to start from the scratch. A sincere attempt has been made not to be biased towards/against any particular channel.

The key features of the book include:-
·    Comprehensive tables
·    Compact information on news channel industry in India
·    Detailed information on news channels in India ( including channel profiles, logos, punchlines, launch date, ownership and so on)
·    Complete information on social and new media initiatives of news channels including Google+
·    Several useful appendices including a case study, “Why BITV Collapsed?” glossary and detailed bibliography

The well known news personality Ms Vartika Nanda has written the foreword to the book. The book narrates the complete journey of TV News in India and the possible future. TV News in India has come a long way from the days of monopoly of Doordarshan to the present proliferation of private news channels. The book discusses various aspects like news definition, sensationalism, journalistic and managerial components of TV news and what stops news channels from showing the truth including the genuine constraints.

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