How to Restore the Balance for Real Justice by Pauline Laumans

In a time frame were we have to pay for our (in) ability to progress along the line of evolution it is crucial that present societies all over the world reflect if we act with true justice  OR  that it’s time to learn from action and counter action so that the individual can achieve progress . Eventually humanity as such benefits from a real vision on the naked issue.

We are all subject to influences that result in the fact that we walk en masse behind a concept and then condemn something without looking at the underlying causes. By facing the many causes and respond like “Solomon” without undue influence from social pressure, “Justice is spoken". To speak justice means doing well to the act that was committed in the sense that it becomes clear what happened, how it started and how to restore the balance with greater understanding for both parties.

Some of these causes relate to the manner of upbringing by parents, school and society. As famous psychologists like Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung and Carl Rogers and I have already described, our society suffers strongly by fear and reacts with defensiveness and sickly behavior. Many people response only in a reactive way without really thinking it over. They react in fact like a two-year-old child. Thinking is limited to "this is how we act and always will." Man becomes more fearful for themselves and thus lapses into sickening behavior. The result is a society that becomes increasingly difficult to maintain and is subject to more suppression. Due to this every person that seems to differ and who is not willing to play up - to the enforced monomaniac group thought and group behavior – easily condemned. Thus, humankind cannot realize themselves (generating). In fact, the man is even degenerating! Self-realization is needed to allow man a future. A future means to go beyond the many repetitions. Now people are for the umpteenth time trapped in the repetition of many cycles.

To punish man who has been raised with a distorted image, creates even more persons who are out of balance.
Out of balance behavior results for instance in the popularization of extreme sex, drug use, radical expressions of faith, oppression and exploitation of others.

Many of these persons try to restore the balance and act in an opposite way. Thus, the balance suddenly swings to the other side. A common example is 9 / 11 and the subsequent war as they forgot to turn the other cheek and stop aggressing each other due to ignorance.

At a time where we have to pay for our ability as an individual or a group to increase the energy (merge into a larger entity with greater vibration) many remain stuck in repetition due to  island politics and swinging back and forth between the ends of the balance without even obtaining insight into this. Humanity therefore slides faster into degeneration and tends to eliminate itself.

In order as an individual or as humanity to do justice to the concept of "decent" (worthy of human being) it is necessary to thoroughly understand the teaching aspect of the individual who (un)consciously is willing to proceed on the line of evolution. This will eventually restore the balance and help the person to realize his life theme. Without insight into the life theme, no recovery is possible and injustice will increase and lead to the path of involution. This is due to the law of communicating vessels. By increasing repression, the bomb will eventually burst. This bomb has been created by a society in its naivety and ignorance.

It is time that deeper causes giving rise to an action become discussed and exposed. It is time that persons learn to ask deep questions and learn to experience the answer, resulting in more awareness leading to becoming a Knower.

Next healing can follow and man can stop repeating (in a different appearance or time frame) the same concept over and over en has not need to decline further but can rise above their earthly existence.
Libertas in Vivo wants to restore the fine tuned balance, by showing reality.
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  1. How to restore the balance by Pauline Laumans gives the insight to understand how and why the group of people are in imbalance which leads them to make the actions without thinking as reactive response or outburst of suppressions which become destructive to humankinds.

    I agree with her that a punishment is not the solution to make a justice and balance where imbalance is created by faulty upbringing by the society. It requires self realization to go in a future beyond the repetitions of cycles. I appreciate her teaching to the people or enabling them to self-learn for conscious decisions, thoughtful actions or behaviours, which would prove as the best way not only to restore but also to prevent imbalance.

    It seems that Pauline has creative ideas in her writings and wisdoms in dealing with her subject.

  2. Self realization, individually and collectively is the way to restore balance in the individual as well the whole world in general. Humanity needs living examples of self-realized individuals and community to initiate change within itself.


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