Best Tools for Personal Branding for Beginners by Mr Todd Hagopian

The best tools to use in personal branding are the ones which will show up the easiest in online searches. For the lay person, who is not already famous, these sites include: YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Amazon (make a profile), Quora, your own personal blog (include your name in the title, or on several search areas of the blog).

The important part about using these tools for personal branding is to realize exactly what people are seeing when they search for you. You should routinely use Google, Yahoo, and other search engines to see what is coming up when people search for your name. Controlling a brand is just as important as building one. If an item shows up that you don't want people to see on the first page of a Google search, then immediately start profiles on each of these tools so you fill that first page up with items that you do want them to see. On that same vein, if one of these tools pops up that you no longer use (a dead twitter account), then you might want to get back on and start using it again in order to build up your brand.

Every person who is working on building their own brand needs to fill at least one full page of internet search results with links that they specifically want those people to view when inquiring about them. Building a brand on the internet can be quick and easy, but maintaining a brand is just as important. Luckily, for most tools like LinkedIn, YouTube, and Quora, the content you put on stays forever and will continue to show up in searches without any maintenance at all. It is important to consider the maintenance side of brand-building before going after some of the more work-intensive tools (Twitter and Facebook).

I hope that helps. Good luck to you out there!

Todd Hagopian is a Social Media Expert and currently works with Whirlpool Corporation at Michigan, USA
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