How to become an interesting person?

Here are 10 Tips to become an Interesting and Unusual Person
Be innovative and unusual
Any innovation is welcome since it breaks the routine. Connect things and become cross-disciplinary. Discussing a inter-disciplinary topic will make you interesting, a subject like bio-informatics for example will satisfy the ones interested in biology and the ones in technology.
Hold Strong Opinions
People with strong opinions are liked (or at least respected). Is it because very few people have strong opinions and that makes it unusual?
Dash of Humour
Learn the art of telling jokes (not an easy art). Become a specialist in a category, management jokes for example.
Voice Modulation
Use voice modulation to develop an impressive-attractive voice. We are all tired of routine lives. Anything which breaks that routine is welcome. Spicy food after bland home food is welcome. High volume after low volume is welcome, any change is welcome and makes us feel fresh.
Be a vulture among the crows
If you are an American among a group of Indians or if you are a South Indian among a group of North Indians, you will automatically be interesting to people.
Travel and meet new people
Travel to exotic places and bring exotic stories and products. Build a reputation for being exotic yourself. Listen to the local stories by being a good listener and avoid speaking. Share the stories with friends and colleagues once you are back.
Unusual Knowledge
Develop good knowledge of strange facts, stories, and quotations. Update yourself with new knowledge all the time and people will look forward to your speech. Always stay upto date with social trends especially the trends among the elite.
Unusual Skills and Hobbies
It can range from collection of coins to juggling balls in the air. It can also be unusual mastery for example of writing skills. It can be an unusual writing skill. One author was very famous since she was an expert at the use of semi-colon.
Unusual Attitudes
Since we find negativity all around us, people with immense positivity are considered unusual. Become a die-hard fan of positive attitude and you will end up with a big following.
Unusual Associations
I got very interested in a gentleman from New Zealand (Yenga Sonqo), who became a friend later) once I came to know he follows Shamanism, an unusual religion or practice. According to, “A shaman is one who goes into an altered state of consciousness at will. While in this altered state, he or she makes a conscious choice to journey to another reality, a reality which is outside of time and space. This other reality is composed of three layers: the lower world, the middle world and the upper world and is inhabited by helping spirits. The shaman is able to establish relationships with these spirits and to bring back information and healing for the community or the individual.”
              The first thing which I do when I make a new professional or personal contact is to look for unusual things on his/her profile; it can be as simple as playing piano or violin for example.

Just make a list of friends, relatives and acquaintances, who appeared interesting and analyze what made them interesting to you. Learn an unusual skill or two and become an interesting person…..I promise you life will take you to unexpected places, you will meet interesting people, gain popularity and if destiny wishes end up making lots of money.


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  1. You mean being a NERD isn't enough. I guess I will have to TRY harder. Cheers. BubbleBob

  2. Bob you are already an interesting person with your bubbbly personality and bubbly inventions

  3. Thats really interesting Bob.. I agree with your point that becoming joker.. Because this is where situation we can enjoy life.

  4. Interesting tips to be more interesting person.Thanks for meaningful yet easy to follow ideas .Dr Amit , You rock !!!

  5. I feel that, innovative is the best tips to become an interesting and unusual person. Thanks for sharing.


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