Interview with Ms Catherine Fenske, Spiritual Mentor

1) What is a Spiritual Mentor?  
A Spiritual Mentor is someone who will encourage you to let go of your limiting beliefs and help you align with your Higher Self.  It is someone who will elicit in you a belief that the Universe holds infinite possibilities that are within your reach.  As a Spiritual Mentor, I myself ask questions that will facilitate a client’s growth and encourage my client to move forward to obtain his/her dreams and live the life that she envisions.  Through the spiritual mentorship partnership my hope is that my clients will come to know and embrace the true spiritual Being that they really are.  They already have the answers. 
It is my job as a Spiritual Mentor to ask those questions that will encourage them to find those answers within, to learn who they really are and what they truly want.  As a Spiritual Mentor I support my clients in bringing awareness to the quiet, more subtle inner dimensions of their being, that gentle voice that is calling them home.  This may be an opportunity for them to more fully direct their worldly life towards the true source of inner peace and authenticity.   I encourage my clients to relax deeply into the spacious presence and sacred place that is available to them at all times.  As we work together we welcome whatever comes up, whatever is being experienced in the present moment.  I support my clients in examining these experiences as they show themselves so that they can open fully to them.  I guide my clients as they travel on their spiritual journey, helping them to integrate the Truth that will become a part of their everyday life.

2) Some people believe that spirituality is an inner calling and external guidance does not help?  What is your take? 
Spirituality is a path, or many paths, that lead(s) us to a place where we can reconnect with our essence, our true authentic Self.  It is true that it is an inner calling because for most of us, we have been separated from the truth of who we are on our human journey.  It is my belief that external guidance can be very helpful. Spiritual Mentors/Teachers, books, CD’s all have the ability to inspire you and touch your heart in a way that will help you determine your own personal definition of spirituality.  Although there might not be one person or book that will instantly allow you to find your inner spirituality, each will have something to offer.  When you find the right teacher, whether it be a person, book, movie… it will resonate with you and ring true in your heart. It will spark a feeling of spirituality within you.  External guidance can bring to light things that have been repressed or forgotten.  With some gentle guidance you can course correct and open up many opportunities for growth and begin to remember how beautiful, perfect and powerful you truly are.

3) What kind of misconceived notions do you come across about spirituality? 
There are some who believe that spirituality, or spiritual awakening, means that you have reached a state where you no longer experience human emotion like fear, anger, sorrow, or pain, that you no longer experience relationship problems, that there is nothing to learn or achieve, that you can create anything you desire just by imagining it.  The truth is, we are spiritual beings here on earth having a human experience, not the other way around.  The human experience will be with us as long as we are here on earth.  We will still experience human emotions, we will still have relationship issues, we still have much to learn and achieve.  The spiritual lesson is that everything we experience as humans is a teacher. 
Everything, every circumstance, every person that comes into our lives comes as a teacher for our growth.  Our emotions serve a purpose, especially negative emotions.  They serve as a warning that we are not aligned with our highest good and help get us back on track.  Relationship issues serve as a mirror, a teacher of what we need to learn at that moment so that we can be in right relationship.  We are here to learn and remember who we truly are, we never stop learning.  And, yes, we are here to create.  We are co-creators, partnered with Spirit, to create what we desire.  However, the timing isn’t up to us so just imagining what we desire won’t necessarily happen instantly.  We have to take right action toward what we desire and leave the how and when up to the Universe.

4) Which spiritual tools are your personal favorites? 
Meditation, prayer, angelic work, working with my guides, conversations with Spirit via question and answer journaling, Reiki, yoga, gratitude and mindfulness, visualization and affirmations are my personal favorites.  My spiritual practice includes all of the above and I teach all of these tools to my clients, depending on where they are at the moment.

5) What are the benefits of spiritual mentoring? 
For me, spiritual mentoring assisted me in experiencing more joy, peace and balance in my life.  I can now say that in any given moment I know without a doubt that all is well.  I learned about choice and personal responsibility, which is the mother of all lessons I believe.  I learned how to connect to my place of inner knowing and empowerment and now live in integrity and authenticity.  Spiritual mentoring bridged the gap between Source and my Higher Self.  I believe that anyone can benefit from spiritual mentoring if they are willing, open, desiring and trusting that there is more; they are ready to stop being small and start playing BIG in this life they have been given.

6) Can you give some examples/cases of your clients and how spiritual mentoring transformed their lives? 
I remember when working with my spiritual mentor the “a-ha’s” that I experienced and the profound healing that came from those times.  That is my favorite thing about working with clients.  When they get those “a-ha’s”, I know that I have helped them recognize their own inner spirituality.  I can literally feel the energy shift at that moment and that’s when transformation begins.  A woman I worked with came in because she was struggling with relationships.   She was not only struggling with finding and keeping an intimate relationship, but also with family members and co-workers.  What she learned through the process of spiritual mentoring was how deep her beliefs were about her own perceived self-worth.  Her relationship with herself was demoralizing and destructive.  She didn’t even realize how profound her lack of love for herself was.  By the time we were finished with our work together, she was literally standing taller.  She had quit keeping herself diminished and small and had started to walk with personal power and love. 
In her own words, “You have helped me to listen to my heart as the true essence of my soul, and this has produced a great calm and feeling of well-being in my otherwise busy and sometimes frenetic existence.  Another benefit of learning to be quiet and really listen to myself is that I feel so much closer to my spiritual being.  Thank you for the guidance!  It was no mistake that you were introduced to me at a time when I was really personally struggling and in dire need of clarity.  I have such respect for how hard you continually work to gain new knowledge for yourself so that you can be such a wonderful and loving resource to others.  You live and practice your truth daily, Catherine, and you have encouraged me to stand in my power and speak mine.”  This is just one of the many powerful testimonials to the value of spiritual mentoring.

Thanks a lot Catherine. It was a really wow interview.
A Brief Profile
Catherine Fenske, Ph.D. is a Personal & Spiritual Transformation Coach, Intuitive Healer and is the Founder of "Live With Intention Coaching", USA
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