Interview with Mr Raja Choudhury, Managing Director, C3CUBE

Vasudhaiv Kutumbkam* Interview Series

(Global Leaders who have Enlarged, Excelled and Evolved into Global Personal Brands)

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1) I noticed two unusual interests on your profile viz Aikido and exploration. Tell us something more.
Aikido is the only martial art that combines Zazen - one of the most advanced forms of meditation in Buddhism - with fighting skills. You use the force of your attacker to disable them and there is no hitting. Just flowing with the attackers energy until they defeat themselves. It is quite beautiful to practice and watch. Exploration is my passion - particularly quests into the mysteries of the universe that leads to enlightening discoveries. I have travelled all over the world seeking experiences and I also travel inwards seeking new experiences. Exploration and questing are my raison d'etre.

2) Mr Choudhury, tell us something about your organization C3Cube.

C3CUBE is a vehicle for my consulting and media production efforts. We help brands, institutions and individuals tell better stories and engage with their constituents in new and exciting ways using the latest digital technologies combined with with well worn branding and communications techniques. We have built brands for Coca-Cola, BT, Sony, Dr. Karan Singh, Alchemist GRoup, The American India Foundation, PBS Thirteen (US) and many more in the US, UK and India.  We are very boutique and only look after a few major clients or campaigns at a time. We are spinning off a new media publishing brand called Universal Quest to produce media about Consciousness and Wisdom.

3) You have won quite a lot of awards. Is the creativity inspired my meditation or something in particular?
Creativity always come best out of a still mind. First you digest the information you are designing for and then you go that silent place and soon enough a Eureka moment comes about that gives the concept shape and wings. Design, like AIkido, is an act of meditation in itself. Before you can design anything or think out of the box you must be an empty vessel - like the story of the Zen master who poured tea until the tea overflowed and the student could take no more  you too must learn to become empty in order to be creative - then at the right time the universe will conspire with you to create something beautiful.

Raja on Indian Wisdom for Today's World (TED Talent search Talk)

4) You seem to have a special interest in Buddhism. How has it affected your day to day life?
Buddhism, like Kundalini Yoga is one of the most advanced methods available for stilling and training the mind, without the need for divinity or cosmic grace. I practice mindfulness (Shamata) or pranayama to come into the here and now - to observe the moment. Then I use Vipassana as well as other Tantric techniques to work on intention. At the core there is no difference apart from the fact that in Yoga or Vedanta we believe in the Atman as living within the heart and being a piece of universal consciousness embedded in each living being. In Buddhism, all is mind and all is shunya. Everything has a cause and an effect. Nirvana is the discovery of the cause behind causes. Sometimes i understand that but mostly I believe that as I progress upwards through my spine, then intelligence from the higher realms reach down and help me along and I also believe in the divinity living with each being. So that makes me a Yogi and a Vedantist. Buddhism is not incompatible with that, it is just that the intention slightly differs after stilling the mind.

5) How has spirituality affected your personal and professional life?
It allows me to strive to be a better person, a better man, a better husband, father, boss, human being. I have learned to understand my ego, my anger, my frustration and my striving. I have begun to understand my blocks and most importantly I have tasted enough bliss and visions in my practice to return to it day in and day out.

6) To end the interview, I have noticed a funny thing, both your offices are based in the new cities, New Delhi and New York. Is it because of your fascination with the new or a mere coincidence?

New York is a place that celebrates the new truly and allows people with new ideas a platform to share them - really reflects the American spirit. That is why I was drawn there from London back in 1998. New Delhi is different. It is an insane mix of 8 ancient cities, an ancient yet continuous culture and an effort to superimpose a new secular, democratic vision on to a very ancient people. New Delhi is less open to experimentation than New York, London or San Francisco or Santa Fe, but there is much interest here in discussing new spiritual or consciousness ideas as in Bangalore or Pune. But the name is deceptive as it does not always celebrate or encourage the new. I do love living here though and then I run back to New York  from time to time for the New!

* "World is one family" in Sanskrit

Brief Profile
Raja Choudhury is Managing Director,  C3CUBE, a boutique creative design company and interactive agency with offices in New York and New Delhi.  It is into designing of award-winning Websites, Videos, DVDs, Architectural and Multimedia products for the US, Indian and international markets. In the past year C3CUBE has won 8 major US Web industry awards including 3 W3's, IMA, WMA, Horizon and Adobe Site of the Day



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