Goodbye Networking, Hello 'Bonding'

If you interact with CXOs, top bureaucrats and leaders, senior journalists, top entrepreneurs and so on, networking does not work much. If you deal with high value clients, networking does not help much either. What works then, you must be wondering.I would say, time to bid goodbye to networking and say hello to ‘Bonding’.
Bonding is the Vitamin-Connect
The inspiration for the title of this article comes from Cliff Richard’s song, “Goodbye Sam, Hello Samantha.” Yes as we gain puberty and hormonal changes take place in the body, we feel a strong physical attraction for the opposite gender. And it is time to say Goodbye Sam (for guys).
Similarly one fine day, we grow from young professionals to mature professionals.Irrespective of age, we develop a mature mindset-the mindset of evolving from Networking to ‘Bonding.’
And then the time has come to say, “Goodbye Networking, Hello Bonding.”


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