"America Born Confused Desi" and Other Stories

Mini-Stories and Musings on Wisdom & Love


ABCD (America Born Confused Desi)

The young NRI is in India in search of truth. So he meets a sage and asks a question which has been troubling his mind for years.

"O Master please tell me what to do. American culture tells me to be loyal to those who deserve it. Indian parents tell me to be loyal whatsoever. What do I do? This time I am truly feeling like a "America Born Confused Desi." he notes.

The Master, "Loyalty is of two types. There is 'emotional loyalty' which flows naturally because of love or support you received. And there is 'logical loyalty' which tells you to be loyal for your own interest. So listen to your inner voice."

He adds, "Logical loyalty is sometimes painful and you have to be strong enough to bear the pain.....it may pay you in the long run....yet there are no guarantees."


"What do you want in life? "

The God appeared and asked, "You have meditated for too long and I am happy & impressed. What do you want in life? Just tell me & I will grant your wish."

The disciple,"Dear Lord, first of all, I want the wisdom to know what 'exactly' do I want in life."

"Businesses and love never stagnate.
They either grow or they die."

She asked, "Men still have the hunting spirit. They like to chase women and once they get them, they lose interest. Are you sure you will keep loving me or is it a mere fascination which will fade away after marriage?"

He replied, "Businesses and love never stagnate. They either grow or they die. And my heart says my love for you will only grow, though there will be good and bad phases. And as love grows, our mutual understanding, affection and joy would also grow forever."

And after a long long time she unconsciously said, 'Hmm' once again.

"Why are you after my life?"

And she said, "Why are you after my life? Go find someone else to inspire and push."

"Fight, stay angry or curse me if you wish. But I have seen the divine spark in 'You', which can easily be converted into a flame. How can you stay a dwarf and let sleep "the giant within?"", he told her in an affectionate yet firm tone.

She had an indecisive look though she could surely see the sincerity in his eyes.


"Only an idiot would marry me"

She was such a beautiful soul, yet so full of inferiority complexes. She certainly considered herself unlucky and had been a doormat in relationships. Why wouldn't she? There was a time when she used to think, “Only an idiot would marry me. But I would not marry an idiot. So I would probably end up unmarried throughout my life.” So did she get married? I know you are more curious, did she marry an idiot?

Well, that’s a long long story. In her first marriage, she did marry an idiot actually. Because her belief system deserved an idiot only.

Then she discovered her inner genius which turned her life topsy turvy. She began to believe & feel, “The guy who would marry me, would be one of the luckiest guys in the world.” And yes, it was precisely at this time, she met with a divine accident and found her soulmate.

"Do we write our own destiny? Do our beliefs write our story?", everyone who knew her story, had actually begun to wonder.


"Were you trying to look sensual?"

And he asked her, "By the way, were you trying to look sensual in this photograph?"

She said in a shy tone, "May be."

He continued,"But my sweet little girl, you are looking cho 'sweet', yet hardly 'sensual.'"

She felt even more shy. She had not even realized, he had changed the way he addressed her. From "sweet little girl", she had suddenly become, "my" sweet little girl.

And they bonded happily thereafter

When Ms Love came, Mr Fear packed his bags out of fear.
When Mr Gratitude came, Ms Crib packed & left cribbing.
When Mr Faith came, Mr Doubt was left suffocated, out of self-doubt.
When Ms Light came, Ms Darkness herself began to grope in the dark.

And Love & Gratitude, Faith & Light, lived and bonded happily thereafter.

Dr Amit Nagpal is an Online Branding Expert, Social Media Influencer & renowned Storyteller. His unique skill lies in inspirational storytelling, anecdotes/ storytelling on social and online media for brand building. He has more than 15 years of work experience in training/coaching and corporates. He has a unique personal story and has featured in several TV, newspaper and online interviews. He tweets at @DrAmitInspires. To follow/connect on social media, visit OneBio.Me.
Speaker/Trainer-He has conducted training for reputed organisations including Accenture, Tata Communications, GD Goenka World Institute, PRSI, DMA and so on.
Coach-He has coached many CEOs, knowledgepreneurs and top professionals in brand storytelling.
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