And two Americans came and taught me 'Bonding'

Let me tell you an interesting story. The story is about two amazing people who have influenced and coached me Jennifer Sertl (President, Agility 3R) and Michael Margolis(Chief Instigator, Get Storied) and the coincidence is that they both are Americans. They have played an important role in my journey and influenced my evolution from branding to bonding.

The American Stereotype
I have always been told that USA and its citizens are loyal only to their interests and not to nations and people. I have read articles on how an American asked for a connection fee for connecting people and similar blah blah. The mass media has always given me the impression as if Americans are the most mean people in the world. I have been a victim of stereotyping myself and can empathize with anyone who does not belong to the stereotypes they are associated with.
I wrote an ode to Jennifer about the ways she has influenced me and keep joking with her, “I am so proud, “I made an ‘American’ Cry”


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