"The Wild and Party Girl" and Other Mini Stories

Mini Inspiring Stories on Wisdom & Love

The Wild and Party Girl

Her mother was happy yet confused and surprised at the same time. Even when she would stand next to her mother in the kitchen, she would suddenly start smiling without reason. And the mother was almost bewildered.

"How come my daughter, who had no interests beyond partying & wasting her life in numerous other ways, has suddenly developed interest in housework and other stuff? This is either abnormal or paranormal.", she kept wondering. 

All of a sudden, her daughter had developed interests in playing with children, getting all decked up and transforming herself into that 'Sundar, Sushil Bahu' the ideal Indian wife. In fact, when she carefully looked at her daughter the next time, she was surprised to see that her sweet little girl had grown into a gracious, beautiful woman. 

Then she began to curse herself and realized her daughter must be in love. "How come I took so much time, in realizing this simple fact? I am certainly an innocent fool. After all, the funny bone is at its best, when people are in love. Now I understand what's up at WhatsApp.", she told herself (scolded herself rather) and was reminded of her own youth and those exciting moments.

Yet silently, she started observing the funny ways of her daughter, even more closely thereafter.

The Magnanimous Soul

The disciple, "Guruji, I am a man with lot of self-discipline, yet my heart takes over my mind when I come across a woman with those 'big eyes'. Do women with big eyes have magnanimous souls too? Is it their soulfulness, which attracts me rather?"

The Guru bursts into laughter and says, "May be, it is true that the bigger the eyes, the more magnanimous the soul."

He smiled and added, "We need to formulate and test the hypothesis by field research, to find out whether its true or false, "Those with big eyes also have magnanimous souls.""

Moments......life is but a series of them

Live in the present's majestic moments, 
Cherish the past's beautiful moments,
Embrace the future's surprising moments.

Whatever, whenever, wherever....just fully live the moments.....

On a lighter note

A horse who does not respect himself, is not respected by other horses......damnit, not even by donkeys.

But I am scared

He said, "Let us meet offline now. We have been connected online for pretty long." 

She said, "But I am scared."

He joked, "I don't look scary. I promise you, I am not ugly looking either."

She said, " I feel so emotionally connected even in an online relationship. God only knows, what would happen, if we meet offline?"

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