"Her New Avatar" and Other Mini Stories

Musings and Mini-Stories on Love and Wisdom

And You Won Me Over

With your sharp intellect,
you won over my mind.

With your unconditional love,
you won over my heart.

But with your touching story,
you won over my very soul, my eternity.
"Everything that I ever was, Everything that I'll ever be."


And the Stories Go On

Behind every face there is a story.

Behind the story, there is often another story.

And sometimes like an onion, there is a story inside a story, inside another story and it goes on.


The Playful Couple -2

They were a truly playful couple and would jump at an opportunity to tease each other....of course, without pulling legs and ears.

He teased, "I want someone like you in my life. Will I get one?"

She replied, "No chance at all. There is no one like me. LOL"

He continued, "OMG, Poor me. What will happen to me now? I have become like a man eating tiger."

She said with a surprised look, "What, man-eating tiger?"

He replied, "Yes, once a tiger tastes the man's blood, he doesn't like anything else. When a guy meets the "The Playful You", average women don't attract him anymore."

And she burst into laughter.

Her New Avatar

And her friends began to tease her, "Now we understand the inspiration behind your new avatar. We know who gets the credit for your new energy, your new lingo and your new style. Love is transforming you, and turning your world topsy-turvy."

And then they began to giggle, "Even your tops have turned turvy. Isn't it?"

On the surface she looked harassed, yet there was an unstoppable smile inside. And then one of them asked her, "Have you brought a sea change in him too or he is too busy just seeing your eyes? "

And she blushed hard and ran away.

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