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 Love is stranger than every damned thing in the world

Destiny made them sit next to each other in the chair car compartment of the train. It was a few hours journey, and they were naturally tempted to talk to each other.

And sometimes two people have such chemistry...or may be such physics, magnetic sciences & more, they are not able to resist each other's pull. And great relationships happen only when there is a pull or attraction at both the sides. They rightly say, "True love happens when both the persons come half way."

The few hours passed away like few seconds for sure. They got so busy talking to each other, they forgot to notice that passengers around had started staring at them. The passengers must have been wondering, "How can two complete strangers become so friendly so fast ?". But then truth is stranger than fiction and love is stranger than every damned thing in the world.

In such a situation, Indians generally have this tendency of staring at the woman more than the man. So she started to feel extremely awkward and shy. Thankfully the station came soon and she heaved a sigh of relief. Could a guy tell the entire compartment to stop staring at the woman? A difficult question indeed.

Anyways as soon as the train arrived at the station, she quickly got down and disappeared in the crowd. What was coming next, perhaps only the Universe knew?


An Innocent Victim

"I neither have the traditional figure nor the traditional beauty. Offo, what pulls you towards me?", she asked with a mischievous smile.

He winked too and replied, "You know there is something called 'Undefinable charm'." He paused and then added, "I am just an innocent victim of that."

"Am I a rebel without a cause?"

The Guru told the disciple early in the morning, "You are a rebellious chap. Go and do a serious introspection, "What is it that makes you rebel?""

The disciple began to ponder, "Am I a rebel with a cause or without a cause? " He continued to reflect, "When we speak god listens. When we become silent, god speaks. So let me keep the 'maun vrata' or the vow of silence for one whole day."

The day came to an end and he concluded, "In personal life, we rebel when we perceive lack of love. In professional life, we rebel when we perceive lack of competence in our superior. And this holds true for me too. Now whether my perceptions are correct or not, needs another round of introspection."

"I am not macho"

And finally he began to share his heart, "Let me tell you, I am not a macho man if you are looking for one. I am rather on the sensitive side."

And then he paused and added, "Do you know the parrot story? You have become like the parrot and my life lies inside you. Someone hurts you, and I feel hurt. Someone troubles you, I feel troubled. Someone insults you, I feel insulted."

She tried to look deep into his eyes, to double check if he was telling the truth. After all inspite of all the claims for courtesy sake, "I trust you a hundred percent" types, nobody trusts you a 100 % in Kaliyuga.

Where there is a will

Where there is a will, there is a story.....and an inspirational one at that.

7 steps to a miraculous life story

1) Make a list of 10 miracles that can change your personal and professional life.

2) Make them slightly logical, not completely wild, so that you can believe in them.

3) Read them every morning as soon as you get up.

4) Start expecting more coincidences and serendipity.

5) You have a new hope in life and hope makes all things possible.

6) If you believe deeply, at least you would invite one out of your list.

7) Inspire others and create miracles in their lives. Remember it's all in the mind. 

Every heart is longing to tell a story

Every heart is longing to tell a story.
Every soul wants to unburden itself.
Yet every mind is afraid of becoming vulnerable.

The longing remains. The burden remains. The story remains.... stuck.

Yet one way or the other, the life moves on. 

And you fall in love......with stories

A story is sometimes a truth, which slowly reveals.
A story is sometimes a balm, which calmly heals.
A story is sometimes a mystery, which layer by layer peels.
A story is sometimes a flight of fantasy, which takes off on magical wheels.
The undefinable charm of story is an emotion beyond words,
which the heart, only the heart feels. 

Children of the lesser gods

Stories love to twist and turn. And sometimes they take a 'U' turn and those who appeared to be the children of lesser gods, now appear to be the children of higher gods.

Life is like that and so are stories.

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