Storyteller is at the Mercy of the Audience

 Storyteller is at the Mercy of the Audience

If my words are able to uplift you to a world of laughter.
If my paragraphs can transport you from the lows to the highs of the graph of life.
If my blogs (stories) can make you log in and cry to release your blocked emotions.
I deserve to stand on the stage of dramatic story of life.

If sometimes my story becomes your story too.
If I can make you empathize, by putting you in another person's story.
Then only I deserve the right of being an inspirational storyteller.
If not, then I must move to my shell, my world of thinking-feeling.

And do something to deserve more of divine grace and .... 

may be to search the missing soul in my story.

(Inspiration Michael Margolis , Get Storied)

Empathy and Storytelling

Sometimes clear vision comes after you have burst into tears

''She burst into a stream of tears. She felt sad at her very core and was pained that she had not been loved enough. After the tears had washed away her blurred vision, she began to clearly see the miracles of the Universe.

She was reminded of all those beautiful moments of unconditional love gifted by the Universe. And she realized few seconds of unconditional love had touched her more deeply than (a relationship's) conditional love for life.

And through the crack had entered the light. Through her chaos was born a dancing star.

And her dazzling-amazing brilliance began to shine thereafter.''

The balanced story

There were days, when he was in awe of his reflection.
Then there were the days, he hated himself.
And then came the days, he found balance in his story.
He could see the whole....the light and the shadow.
And he became the seeker of light thereafter.

The Power of Words 

Words empathize, Words energize, Words mesmerize,
If they are sculpted well, express inner joy and are cut to size.

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