Guru Disciple-Wisdom Anecdotes I

''I haven't done anything'', said the innocent lady
He told her with an appreciative glance, ''Thanks for everything. You don't even know what you have done to me.'' So the innocent lady (muse) got surprised and said, ''But I haven't done anything. What are you crediting me for?''

He said, ''In a way, you are right and you haven't done anything. And I, inspired by you, have rather done something to myself.''


Conditional and Unconditional Love
The inquisitive disciple went to the Guru and asked, "What is the difference between conditional and unconditional love?"

The Guru, "Love is always unconditional"

With a sarcastic smile he further added, "What is conditional is not love and is rather a well negotiated emotional energy exchange deal."

The truth about the truth
The disciple once again landed zapped in front of the Guru. The Guru was meditating, so the disciple asked, 'What are you trying to do ?'

The Guru replied, 'Still trying to find my truth. '

The disciple, ''Truth is the most irritating word in the world. Do you really believe in Satyamev Jayate ? Does truth always win ? I don't see that happening.''

The Guru,'' Yes it does. Sometimes truth wins in hours and days. Sometimes in decades and centuries.

If truth would win easily, everyone would become truthful. Isn't it? Then where would be the divine drama left.''

The inspired disciple left and decided to find deeper truths himself.

Momentary pleasure or hunting the treasure
The lady told the gentleman, ''You guys are lucky. You want s.. which is available at a price. We want love which....''

The quick-witted gentleman replied, ''Don't stereotype please, because all men are not like that. In any case, momentary pleasures are always sold at a price. But for the treasure, you have to undertake the hunt.''

The lady could do nothing but have an astonished look.


The disciple told the Guru, ''She brings out the god in me and I am scared of falling in love.''

The Guru, ''Don't be scared NOW.''

The disciple, ''What does that mean?''

The Guru, ''(If you are scared of falling in love) It means you are already in love. Now running away cannot help. 

Remember, the Universe has a rule. "You don't get what you want. You get what you need.''


From talk of the town to the story of the town
Her (outer) beauty was already the talk of the town. When they saw her inner beauty, she became the story of the town.....and a story becomes a permanent memory.

The Young Master
The old man was surprised to see that the master was hardly 30 years old and asked him, ''How come you have the wisdom of 60 at the age of 30 ?''

The master was taken aback and told him, '' Shhh..I will tell you the secret but don't tell anyone.'' The old man said OK.

The master continued, ''Its only because (I took risks and hence) the rate at which I committed mistakes was double." So double the learning too.

The Power Game
The disciple looked harassed and asked the Guru, ''Who should dominate and hold the reins in marriage? ''

The Guru had a naughty smile, ''No doubt about it, it's the Lakshmi -the wife.''

Then the Guru added with a twinkle in his eye, ''A successful man empowers his wife and an unsuccessful man is overthrown by his wife. Have you noticed the ease with which Shahrukh Khan says that he is the slave of his wife? Only a successful man has the confidence to say that.''

The disciple had enough food for thought. So he left lest he had indigestion.


The wise couple

They were a wise couple, who had decided not to fall in love. They rather decided to form a mutual admiration & caretaking society.

And they accepted challenges happily thereafter.


The other way round

The disciple looked discouraged and told the Guru, ''You are telling me the Satyuga methods in the Kaliyuga. Show me an easier path. I can't always practice what I preach. ''

The Guru smiled and replied, ''Preach (sincerely) and you shall be forced to practice.''


When you give hints to people

The disciple looked confused. He told the Guru, ''The problem with giving hints to people is that... they start taking hints and read between the lines....when there is no space between the lines.''

The Guru burst into a roar of laughter.

And the story had an abrupt ending. After all, every story does not end with....happily thereafter.

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