Storytellers Rule the Hearts and Serve the Audience

 Short Stories and musings on stortelling

And he created magic thereafter  
She was so innocent and trusted him so much. Or may be she was consciously ignoring his shades of grey and bringing out the good wolf. We never come to know the complete truth in life and life is like that.
Yet he was so touched, he decided to be her protective angel. And he created magic in her life thereafter.

The pure intent  
He had been a successful edgewalker. Sometimes he had committed mistakes and even a blunder for which he was easily forgiven, for he was considered a man of good intent.
He began to wonder, ''How do people come to know of my intent? Is it the energy or body language or something else? They were difficult questions to ponder upon. Yet he must feel grateful to the Universe.''

The questions continued in his mind, ''Why has been my life full of both good and bad yet unusual- interesting-rich experiences? Did I have to go through all this only because, life wanted me to become a storyteller?''

Whenever he had thought he had found all the answers, life had posed another question. The good news was, at least he had finally begun to enjoy the never ending mysteries of life.

Imagine the smile

The dad would call up the daughter and share lots of jokes. He would then imagine her smile....and he began to smile…


The journalist looked puzzled  
The journalist looked rather puzzled. He told the interviewee, ''You don't criticize anyone. You don't point fingers. '' He replied, ''Who am I to point fingers? It's the job of the judiciary and executive. Only gods can be pure white. All human beings have their shades of grey.''

And he kept moving towards the 'white' thereafter.

Miracles lie in the eyes of the beholder

Her small eyes would keep searching for big miracles. And then came a day when her big eyes began to see the small miracles.


Of Angels 
Sometimes an angel comes and makes your life 'downside up'. Sometimes you consciously or unconsciously become an angel in someone's life.

And life goes on.

And the wisdom came  
She decided not to jump to conclusion anymore especially the 'high jump'. She would rather walk to conclusion and that too in a non-judgmental way.

And life became a blessing for her, with the inner transformation.


Storytelling heals  
Sometimes telling your true story, helps you let go of blocked emotions. Sometimes a fictitious story, truth plus wild imagination helps you heal.

Story thyself, Heal thyself.


Rule or serve?
They (Yamdoots) asked the storyteller, ''Do you want to rule in hell or serve in heaven? You have only two choices.''

The storyteller, ''Send me to the place where I can 'rule the hearts' and 'serve my friends & audience' with transformational stories. And my soul will rest in peace''

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