Love and its Many Dimensions

A Compendium of Blogs & Stories

Few days back, I realized that I had written on many dimensions of love and if all posts are combined together, it will be of interest to many of my romantic readers. So here we go.

 Love in its broad sense

I fell in love with ....every lovely soul.
I started very focused, single-minded towards the goal.

But on the way, I fell in love with ....every lovely soul.


7 Personal Branding Lessons you Learn by Falling in Love

The first guideline I share with a new client is, “You don’t build a personal brand. People do, when they see excellence & have pride in associating with you.” So you must, “Enlarge as a human being, Excel as a social media being and Evolve as a personal brand.” Here are seven lessons, you learn by falling in love. (Read More)

Love and Leadership

As soon as a friend saw, I was sitting on my desk, writing on love and leadership, he immediately objected, “Why are you mixing oil and water? There is absolutely no relationship between love and leadership.” I was equally firm, “Open the parachute of your mind, my dear. Love is the highest ideal of leadership. It is difficult to mix them of course but they are like a husband and wife who become the most compatible after the long battle during the honeymoon is over” (Read More)

Love-The most misused word in the world

When we say, “I love you”, most of us are actually saying, “I need emotional energy. Do you also need it? Can we exchange it?” Some of us will say, “So what is wrong, everything is give and take in this world.” And others will say, “Sadly this is true, even love has become a business of emotions.” (Read More)

Moving from Fear to Compassion/Love

We stay in a state of fear most of the time – the fear of hurting our body, the fear of getting hurt in love, the fear of failure, the fear of not meeting goals at work, the fear of losing our job and so on. Most of the time our fears are expressions of emotional baggage because we expect the past experience to repeat itself. ‘Once bitten, twice shy’ has a very interesting equivalent in Hindi which means the one who got burnt by hot milk drinks even cold buttermilk with caution. (Read More)

Fall in Love with Yourself and develop a Charisma

You wake up in the morning, already stressed for another day at office or business. The rush begins. After hurriedly doing the morning ablutions, you probably think of the plan for the day, important tasks at home and office, worried about what all can go wrong (We apply Murphy’s Law; whatever can go wrong, will…by constantly thinking negatively and worrying). (Read More)

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Mills & Boon and the CXO

A CXO client of mine, had completed one month of coaching and I gave him an idea to celebrate. In fact it was a weekly assignment. I told him, enjoy a Mills and Boon this weekend. He was zapped and told me, “Neither I am a female, nor I am a romantic. Why do you want me to read M & B”

I said, “The best way to learn the narrative art of storytelling is to read stuff like M & B, where the description of a scene is so vivid, you can almost visualize it in the mind, and can feel transported to the land.” Happy storytelling guys. If you are stressed out with the corporate world, enjoy the right brain side and learn professional storytelling.

E= mc2

“Einstein’s wife once asked him, ‘How much do you love me?’ He replied, ‘You can calculate my loving energy at different points of time using E= mc2. ‘“ It might have been true.

Interested in an evergreen romance?
I was asked at an event to differentiate between image management, personal branding and storytelling. I replied, "On a lighter note, I would say Image management is like teasing, personal branding is like flirting and storytelling is like an evergreen romance."

A purposeful story
We need a life purpose and we need a life purpose partner.
The confusion starts when the partner becomes our purpose or the purpose becomes our partner.
Either way you get lost in the desert. We need both to write a purposeful life story.

Love Stories

Love at First Vibe- A Soulmates Story

Love at the first sight is a common term for people falling in love. But what happens when two evolved souls come together and find a soulmate in each other-it is surely love at first vibe. (Read More)

And I fell in Love with Storytelling

As a child, I was an unconscious storyteller and naturally resorted to stories to explain situations and concepts. Let me share my story and its major milestones. An incident happened in my life, which made me feel as powerless as a speck of dust. And during the search for an answer, I stumbled upon, “The Power of One.” I began to realize the power of one and wanted to inspire others too. (Read More)

Brief Profile
Dr Amit Nagpal is Chief Inspirational Storyteller and Mega Success Coach. He is based in New Delhi, India and specializes in personal branding with a holistic touch. His philosophy is, "Enlarge as a Human Being, Excel as a Social Media Being and Evolve as a Personal Brand"
To know more about Dr Nagpal, visit www.dramitnagpal.comContact for personal branding/social media speaking/training/coaching. If you have doubts about the power of storytelling on social media, connect with Dr Nagpal, on Linkedin or Twitter and see for yourself.


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