How I Discovered my Deepest Passion-Preeti Subberwal's Story

As a Transformational Coach & a Holistic Leadership Trainer, I assist individuals and organisations write inspiring success stories through energy management & performance enhancement (under pressure) and various tools of reprogramming the mind for the reunion with body, heart and spirit. I am determined to support my clients become inwardly fulfilled and outwardly successful!

I firmly believe that the quality of our life is dependent on the quality of our relationships, and put all my efforts to nurture my relationships. No wonder my inspiration came from one of my beautiful relationships.

So friends, here goes the story of realizing my deep passion.

It was the beginning of the year 2010 and I was pregnant with my second child. At that time, I was working with Mahindra Comviva as a Project Manager. Being already a mother, I was committed to give my very best to my unborn baby in those nine months. I started reading a lot of inspirational and spiritual books in order to build a strong spiritual and intellectual foundation for my baby. I had gained so much knowledge and wisdom in few months and I was keen to share it with others. And that made me think of organizing a life skills workshop in my organization.

It took me a few months to get the required approvals as no such training had been organized internally till then. Finally I conducted a two days workshop -‘My life is my Design’ towards the end of my third trimester. Very few people turned up, however I got an excellent feedback from each one of the participants. Somehow I treasured the whole experience of growth and contribution. I joined back my office after the maternity leave and one day while I was showing the presentation used in my workshop to one of my colleagues, he told me about NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and even shared an eBook on the subject. I had read only a few pages of the book and I wished that I could transform people’s lives through NLP and other such tools as a career. 

It was a tough decision to take up an altogether different career after a decade in software development and related aspects. But the urge was so strong that I started seeking the answers. I believe that the universe is very kind, and whatever you focus upon starts flowing in your life. I started receiving messages in various forms that it was the purpose of my life and my life would be incomplete without pursuing it. I even found one of my diaries in which I had written about my mission around fifteen years back. I felt that it was always there hidden in some part of me, just the realization came later.

I spent the next two years doing the required international certifications , and put lots of efforts in enhancing my knowledge and wisdom in the new area. Moreover I convinced my seniors and the HR personnel in my company to allow me to conduct self-development, sales, leadership, management and other similar in-house workshops. Those workshops were instrumental in my growth too and the whole process of preparation and conducting those workshops was extremely satisfying. I conducted 20+ workshops in around two years and got an overwhelming response in my organization across all the levels. That boosted my confidence to take the leap of faith and gave me the courage to finally leave my job and set the foundation of my venture - ‘Thoughtful Engagement’.

I am grateful to all the people who have supported me in my endeavour and especially to my daughter who became the channel for my transformation and a fulfilling journey ahead.

The word emotion comes from motion, and it moves people. Though negative emotions can drive us in the wrong direction, positive emotions can make us tap our full potential in our personal and professional lives. I was moved in the process of motherhood and realized my life purpose that was compelling enough to take the required action. And once you realize the purpose of your life, no fear is strong enough to defeat you. You get the inner courage and strength to face every obstacle that comes on the way because you are crystal clear why you are born in this world. 

Preeeti Subberwal is a Transformational Leadership Trainer & Life Coach. Read her detailed profile here.

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