The Art and Science of Professional Storytelling

Recently I was asked to introduce myself at an event and I told, “As a child I was fond of storytelling and as a student, I was passionate about branding. And one fine day, I realised that storytelling is the most powerful branding tool, be it people, products or companies.” OMG, even while introducing myself, I was telling a story. Stories were probably always in my blood.

Storytelling is an art but why we love stories has science behind it Stories stay in our mind or memory and also help us attract more customers. And as Maya Angelou rightly says, “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” Stories can be told in a single line and anecdote or can take the shape of a novel or even a series. Remember it is twists and turns which make stories all the more interesting. 

 (Photo-Speaking to Lancaster University students, "Social Media & Global Social Trends" at GDGWI, Gurgaon)


Why Storytelling Rocks?

She Found Her Gift and Gave it Away 

From CXO to CEO-Just By Sharing Stories

Storytelling in a VUCA World

Fall in Love with Storytelling

Building a Personal Brand Through Storytelling

(Photo-After sharing my story, "How I became one of 100 most Influential Indians online in just 1 year?, New Delhi")


Why Storytelling Rocks
Stories are the most powerful way of building brands, be it personal, organisations or products. Read More

Professional Storytelling-The Heady Cocktail

Storytelling is a powerful integrator and is a heady cocktail in that sense. According to Wiki, “A cocktail is an alcoholic mixed drink that contains three or more ingredients—at least one of the ingredients must be a spirit, one sweet/sugary and one sour/bitter.” Brand or Professional Storytelling too is a mix of sweet emotions and sour logic, bitter education and sweet entertainment into the spirit of reputation or brand building. Read More

(Photo-Addressing top management officials & members of PRSI at YMCA, New Delhi on Social Media & Storytelling)

O Storyteller Go Rock the World
Many people doubt the efficacy of online only branding for various reasons especially in developing countries like India. In case of many products and services, the target segments may not be present or active online. Storytelling solves this problem as the same story can be used online and offline (public speaking, conferences, press meets etc) and thus integrating the brand message to make it all the more powerful. Read More

 (Photo-Public Workshop at The Times of India Bldg, Mumbai)

Mega Success Through Storytelling on Social Media
Storytelling is a powerful personal branding tool. You can share your own stories, how you helped a client and so on. Stories can take several forms. It can be a series of novels, biography/autobiography/novel, 1-2 pages stories or one paragraph and one liner stories. Read More
(Photo- with eminent statesman Dr Karan Singh, India International Centre, New Delhi)

Pictures/Visual Storytelling

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Facebook Album

 (Photo-Addressing management students at Gurgaon)

Client & Other Stories

Preeti Subberwal, Life Coach

Global Niche, USA

GoodMilk, India  

She Found Her Gift and Gave it Away 


And One Fine Day
A compilation of 20 stories of professionals from across the globe 

A Picture Can Say a Million Words
A short e-book on the power of visual storytelling/pictures

(Photo : -Best Storytellers in the world)

Website Storytelling

Website banner storytelling
A Story of Client’s Transformation (By Life Coaching)

Compilations of my Anecdotes & Stories

Anecdotes & Musings

Story has my soul, my soul just has story

Stories on Lessons in Gratitude

The Midas Touch & other short Stories

Storytellers rule the hearts and serve the audience

And I was stunned and other Anecdotes

And I could see the smiles all around  

Storytellers rule the hearts and serve the audience

The CXO was zapped and other interesting anecdotes

Interesting Anecdotes

Wisdom Anecdotes
Social Media & Online Branding for Sales & Marketing Professionals 
(Delhi Management Association)

Mega Success Through Storytelling
Earlier, storytelling was possible only through films (and other mass media), which was unaffordable/expensive for individuals and small businesses. But the easy availability of social media has given the opportunity to individuals and SMEs to share their stories (or stories of brands and companies) and get easy attention and virality of content.  Read More

Brief Profile

Dr Amit Nagpal is Chief Inspirational Storyteller at AL Services. He is an Author, Speaker/Trainer and Coach. He is also a Social Media Influencer and blogs on Linkedin as LinkedIn Influencer-MarketingHis special interest and expertise lies in inspirational storytelling, anecdotes and visual storytelling for brand building. To know more, visit

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