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The Guru has Always been Within, Now the Guru can be in Your Pocket too

Dr Amit Nagpal: Why did you name your app as "Your Pocket Guru"? Tell us, "Turn your phone into Pocket Guru", what is it about?
William Paisley: The app is a teaching tool that you carry in your pocket. So I thought it was a catchy name that also described what it is & does. The Pocket Guru is all about Remembering, Reminding & Repetition of what inspires you now. It's a way to inject pauses in your busy day to reflect a little on what you want to change & improve in your life. It's like 'On-demand Inspiration'!

Dr Amit: You have a huge fan following on Twitter. Any Twitter success formula, you would like to share?
William: I put in a lot of time on Twitter & FB. I think the big thing with why my Twitter account has/is growing large is that I put hard to understand 'Life issues' and make them easier & more relatable. I also engage with anyone. Not afraid to speak what I believe is the truth and tweet a lot of motivating stuff... we all need to hear inspiring stuff often. Positive reinforcement is the key!

Dr Amit: I saw the quote on your website, “The most important and gratifying work you can do in your life is working on being kind to yourself.”  How does one become kind to oneself?
William: Being kind to yourself, is understanding yourself. You first have to realize that there are two people in every person... who we think/believe we are and who we really are. Once you understand that we all have an ego, who is not who we are but only who we have believed we are, then you can begin to be nice. You then understand why you do things that go against what’s best for you. You begin to not be so hard on yourself & treat yourself better.  I guess you could say... we cut ourselves some slack!

Dr Amit: Tell us something about your coaching services, your philosophy and focus.
William: I believe in getting to the core reasons of a person’s issues that he/she wants to change, then have them commit to a certain amount of time each day to focus on changing them, where I guide & sometimes gently shove them in the right direction. The most important is to uncover what is really holding someone back, so you can work on the real issue!

Dr Amit: YPG (Your Pocket Guru) is 2.99 dollars per month? Is the service available outside US?
William: No, it is 2.99 and that's it... no monthly fee, pay just once. That would also include any & all updates, which are future improvements to the app. Once you download it, it is yours forever. If you have an iPhone, no matter where you are in the world, you can have the Pocket Guru app.

Dr Amit: How long you have been providing coaching services?
William: I started coaching back in 2006, but that was real estate coaching, which actually was not much different than what I do now. No matter what your profession is, we still have more or less, the same life challenges!

Dr Amit: Why is wisdom so much lacking in our world? Why in your opinion are very small percentage of people inclined towards personal growth?
William: Because of the ego, it's what holds us back. The social conditioning is strong and creates a limited view of Life, and of ourselves, it keeps us down... generally speaking.

Dr Amit: How do we gain wisdom? What are the best sources besides coaching and books?
William: Government, politics & religion don't help the matter! ;) Nothing better to gain wisdom but to seek it within! All the great masters have said the same!

Dr Amit: In fact, personally I have found more wisdom in meditation than anything else.
William: YES! Meditation (or a similar contemplative practice) is the key! Such a wonderful practice!

Dr Amit:  What made you move from real estate to personal development coaching?
William: The short answer would be God! I was kinda forced into it! Career circumstances pushed me in that direction!

Dr Amit: I loved your app and the concept.
William: Thanks! The key to any change is consistency and that is what the Pocket Guru app... does! The important part of the Pocket Guru app is that you can input any message you want, it comes with 125 of my own messages but what's most important is that you select or put in yourself a message that Inspires you now, which may be different tomorrow... then input that one!'
(For more info, on the app visit YPG)

Dr Amit: Previously I have come across only websites sending you an inspirational quote every day and such stuff.
William: Once a day is hardly enough, plus it needs to be a message that speaks to YOU!

Dr Amit: Anything else you would like to share with our readers
William: I love this quote... An affirmation may catch your eye, but only one that catches your heart, really has any benefit! One last quote...

Dr Amit : Wonderful, the product deserves to be communicated to the world, it needs it badly
William: You've highlighted what you want to remember, now you can remember what you highlighted.  The app really is a compliment to authors like yourself... it's a way for people to remember what they liked about your book!

Dr Amit: I read your story, interesting.
William: I've enjoyed this Doc.

Dr Amit: I enjoyed it too.  And I love the line in your Twitter profile, "You Matter"
William: Thanks. You matter is kinda my thing, people need reminding of it & often!
Brief Profile
William Paisley is dedicated to help everyone achieve the positive changes we all desire most. Remembering to remind yourself often of what inspires you now is key. You Matter.


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