"Global Success Through Personal Branding" at GD Goenka World Institute, India

GD Goenka World Institute Summer School for 
Lancaster University students in India

A Full Day workshop was organised at GD Goenka World Institute, Gurgaon, India on "Global Success Through Personal Branding" for Lancaster University, UK students &  in India (Summer School) & GDGWI students with three key themes viz.:-
  1. Enlarge, Excel and Evolve into a Global Personal Brand-Dr Amit Nagpal
  2. Social Media and Global Social Trends (with special reference to India and UK)-Dr Amit Nagpal
  3. "Becoming a Global Leader through Transleadership" by Jennifer Sertl, New York, USA (via Skype)

(The Summer School was conducted under the leadership of Dr Sushi Singh, Head-Student Development Centre and International Exchange programmes, GD Goenka World Institute. Other Speakers in the Summer School included S.Y. Siddiqui (COO, Maruti Suzuki), Onkareshwar Pandey (Managing Editor, The Sunday Indian), Vijay Rai (President & CEO, Powercon), Malay Neerav (HOD-History and Mass Comm, St Stephens College), Neena Kumar (Income Tax Commissioner, East Delhi), Dr Uma Tuli (Founder, Amar Jyoti), Dr Nisha Gupta (Founder, Nischay) and well known politicians Sachin Pilot, Rajiv Pratap Rudy, Manish Tiwari and so on.)

Personal Branding for Students of Professional Courses


From Linkedin to Facebook to Skype-The Story Behind "The 7 Joys of Life"

Enlarge, Excel and Evolve into a Global Personal Brand 


1) 3E Philosophy-Enlarge, Excel and Evolve

Enlarge as a Human Being, Excel as a Social Media Being, Evolve as a Personal Brand 
Tweet This

2) Social Media and Global Social Trends

To know more about Dr Amit Nagpal, visit www.dramitnagpal.com
Summer School, September 2011
What India can offer to the world? 
Students share their experience on Lancaster University Blog

Strategy, Leadership and the Soul-A Skype session by Jennifer Sertl

Jennifer Sertl (Founder & President, Agility, 3R, New York, USA) gave an enriching session on "Becoming a True Global Leader Through Transleadership" Her 3R philosophy for Organisation growth was explained and how it helps in becoming a global transleader. 3R Stands for Resilience, Responsiveness and Reflection.

Here are two interesting questions she was asked, and her answers:-

I loved the two questions that the students asked: 
1) How do you create time for open space?
My answer was that in order to create a design around open space you have to reverse engineer your time. Imagine that you have 200 watts of brilliance to deploy and determine how much are you going to input, strategy, relationships building, execution and design in a 20 watts for "presence"-designing it like an assignment, client meeting, team meeting will ensure you have a mental buffer. It does not have to be "meditation" it can be writing in a journal. The bottom line is there should be an "intent" to sit still so that ideas and insights have a place to land.

2) (Relative to responsiveness)- You mention in "20 Characteristics of Transleadership" to create the future yet in our class you just said to be present to your immediate environment - that sounds like a paradox. How to do this?
My answer was that most people are not paying attention and are not introspective. So the very act of paying attention allows you to see signs in the macro that are much more accurate. As a result you will have much more mental lead time to observe, scan and act. The macro will anticipate that you are "doing something" but the truth is - you are paying attention and therefore, stepping forward with a higher degree of accuracy and wise steps vs. intelligent steps.

The workshop was concluded with a Vipassana Meditation session.


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