From Deepest Passion to Global Success

Living with Deepest Passion Series-1

Guest Blog by Tom Grimshaw

I saw a quote on Facebook this morning:

"No snowflake in an avalanche ever feels responsible."

I commented,

"Wow! Doesn't this just lay responsibility at each of us feet for the whole of everything?
We can be part of the avalanche of people who do nothing.
We can be part of the small group of people who do the wrong thing.
Or we can be part of the growing group of people who change the world for the better, one person at a time.

Isn't that an exciting prospect?
Or did I just get up on the right side of the bed and do a workout so I feel good?"

Today I want to do three things for you that will help you take a zillion percent more responsibility for your life than you have probably been taught to do.

  • I want to clear some weeds from the garden of your mind.
  • I want to show you how to plough and fertilise the ground and plant a crop.
  • Then I want to show you how to water the crop until harvest time.

First, the weeds.

Let me counter a false datum you have.

Somebody, some time, gave you the impression that you were just one person and that you could not make a difference. (Who was that by the way? When was it? And where were you when they said it to you? And what exactly did they say to you?)

You may even have been taken down to the cemetery and shown the headstones of people who died yet the world went on anyway.

All this is an endeavour to invalidate you. To make nothing of you. It is a dirty, rotten trick to hobble you with chains of your own making. To get you to buy the lie and keep repeating to yourself, "I'm just one person and I can't do anything about it." 

My response to that is, "Rubbish!"

Once you have bought that lie you are done! It's over. You can no longer take responsibility for anything.

Every great movement was started by one person, committed to change, who garnered support and active involvement from like-minded people. Whether you are the one who starts a movement or one of the key players who helps forwards the movement, your efforts create effects, which inspire and motivate others.

OK! Do we have a weedless plot of ground yet? If not, search out the other lies you have bought that restrict you, which limit your belief in your own potential and similarly put them to rest. To do this, ask yourself the question like it's coming from me, "What consideration do you have that means you can't succeed at what you attempt?"

Before you harvest a crop you need to know what you are going to plant so you know how to prepare the soil. Do you know what your basic purpose (deepest passion) is in life? Most people don't know theirs, which is a tragedy of monumental proportions. Because when you know what your basic purpose is in life, your progress towards it can seem like a hot knife through butter. This is in stark contrast to not working on your personal purpose line. That can appear like walking in molasses in the middle of winter by comparison.

Here's one of many way to uncover yours.

1. Make a list of 50 occupations.

2. Define what product each occupation produces. Don't just listen to the promotion for it. Look and observe for yourself what the members of that occupation produce as a product. Here are few examples:-

Teacher - Student interested in learning and knowing how to study and evaluate data.

Food Farmer - Highly nutritious food crops that enhance the survival of those who consume them.

Bear in mind that there are widely divergent levels of quality in the products from different members of the same occupation.

Cross off the list all those products you have zero interest in producing.

Classify the remainders into:-

A) those you would most like to produce, glasses 
B) those in which you have a strong interest in producing and 
C) those you could tolerate producing.

Look over the A list, the ones you would most like to produce, and determine which of them you are most suited by reason of training, talent and qualifications to tackle and get into that line of work.

That is obviously easier said than done. It may take some considerable effort to bring it about. You may need to volunteer some of your time to gain experience or to prove your commitment or to obtain a necessary qualification to pursue a career in it. But make a start on it this week.

OK. Now you are planting the crop, let's keep it watered so you reap a bountiful harvest.

Once you are on your basic purpose, I think self management is the biggest determinant of success. This involves taking responsibility for keeping yourself focused, energised and motivated.

If you have a strong intention and high drive, you accomplish what you intend. If you have a weak intention level and low drive, you are easily stopped or distracted.

There are some people who build their intention level, their drive and their determination. They create mental pictures of their ideal scene and look for ways to lift themselves after defeats. When others would contemplate giving up, they are busy looking for new opportunities.

While the would be failures are off playing video games the successful are building relationships, communication lines and forging partnerships.

Most people do not take full responsibility for the conversation that goes on all the time between their ears. Some people even try to drown out their mental conversation by constantly listening to music.

This mental conversation is either lifting you up or tearing you down. And it has a measurable effect on your body. Sophisticated testing reveals the performance degradation that lasts for several hours in elite athletes who have negative thoughts. So don't kid yourself into thinking what you think does not matter. It really does!

Which people in your life lift you up and inspire and motivate you and who are the ones, who drag you down, invalidate and demoralise you?

Spend more time with the uplifting ones and less time with the ones who bring you down.

What you need to do, as a matter of vital importance, is to decide what is going to be the flavour of your mental conversation. You need to figure out what motivates you. What picks you up when you are down. What inspires you. What keeps you focused despite distractions. What gives you that extra burst of energy to get over otherwise apparently insurmountable obstacles.

These are the thoughts that need to occupy your mind.

Once you do that, you need to incorporate what you have been learning into your self-management regime. Only by being a successful manager of yourself can you get the best productivity and optimal performance from you. And the rest of the world deserves nothing less from you. Too many people in this society are resting on their oars, not giving life their best shot. They have been put down, invalidated, made nothing of and not been taught how to better manage themselves out of that condition. We need to change that.

Last night I was asked what I would like to say to the coaching staff and players of my favourite football team. This is what I wrote:

"Have the intention to win.
Be dedicated and determined in that intention.
Do not expect any less than a win.
Work tirelessly for a win.
Imagine the scores in your favour at the end of the match.
Do not consider anything other than a win possible.
Look for anything and everything that would make a win possible.
Think always and only about winning.
Encourage yourself and your team mates at every turn.
Analyse your opponent's strengths and weaknesses.
Formulate a strategy to exploit their weaknesses.
Formulate a defense against their strengths.
Then ignore every past loss, failure and defeat.
It is as if they did not happen.

Every time a thought enters your head that is negative, instantly banish it by replacing it with a positive thought.

Only victory is possible.

Think like that.

Train like that.
Act like that.
Play like that.
Winning is the inevitable outcome of the continuous masterful execution of the basic skills.
Aim to be an absolute master of the basics.
Aim to make every action one of extreme competence.
Live in the moment.
See what is in front of you, on the day and address that only.
Think not of the past, nor of the future.
Today you have a task to do.
Do that task to the very best of your ability.
And if that is not enough, then lift your ability to do that which is required to win.
Magical opportunities and chances flow to the team with the stronger intention.
Make your intention to win senior to their intention to win.
Every single player can be a match winner.
Rule 1 - Keep possession of the ball.
Rule 2 - Kick goals.
Rule 3 - Prevent the opposition from scoring.
Do those three things superlatively.
And you will win.
As you will deserve to."

Remember, no matter the field of endeavour, it takes about 1,000 hours of learning, practice and drilling to become competent, about 10,000 hours to become world class. A ballerina, a cricketer, a soccer player, a copywriter, a painter all require specific skills and techniques that do not materialise out of thin air. They take time and effort to master. Acquiring skill takes lot of time and lots of practice. Team sports take a level of mastery of individual skills as well as a lot of drilling, so the individuals operate in unison as a team.

Don't make the mistake of underestimating the role of a great coach in life. Just as an elite athlete needs someone to point out the flaws or imperfections that they cannot see in their own technique, you cannot effectively coach yourself. Get a mentor. The right mentor can cut the amount of time down to 500 hours that it takes to acquire competence.

In closing, here are what I have observed to be the 12 foundation stones to optimal health. Lay each stone well, ensuring it is well placed and enjoy your successes.

My research has highlighted 12 major factors that make a huge difference to the health of your body and the quality and length of your life. They are:

  1. Properly Inhaled, Clean Air
  2. Adequate, Restful Sleep
  3. Adequate Hydration
  4. Optimal Diet For Your Body
  5. Optimal Exposure to Sun
  6. Physically Fit
  7. Zero Toxin Intake
  8. Increasing Spiritual Awareness
  9. Knowing and Pursuing Your Basic Purpose
  10. Purpose to Continuously Improve (of which positive mental attitude or optimism is a key part)
  11. Zero Stress
  12. Having 5 or More Close Personal Friends
May you flourish and prosper!


Brief Profile
Tom Grimshaw is the Founder-CEO of Healthicious Foods and is based in Australia. Tom firmly believes, "My basic purpose in life is to understand. My secondary purpose is to bring others up to understanding.".To know more about him and his products visit:-


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