Spiritual Tools For Material Success

Spiritual Tools…..For Material Success….the name itself sounds like an oxymoron. How can spirituality be connected with materialism? Aren’t both opposites? Isn’t spirituality about connecting with self, soul searching and everything except money and isn’t materialism about some unethical practices and prosperity at the cost of others?

I believe the chasm or divide created between spirituality and materialism is created by us and actually there is no divide. In fact once we understand that we can have fulfilling lives along with abundance (it takes time though, there are no shortcuts) through spiritual tools, our view of life will get upside down. We shall also find that there is a bright light at the end of tunnel which we could not see under the pressures and race we were busy in.

We can have money and peace and both in abundance. We only need to change our mindsets, understand our divine nature, discover our deepest passions (our life purpose), give our best and wait for the divine mercy which will surely bless us with unbelievable results.

So are you ready to take off. Remember to tighten your seatbelts, the journey seems tough in the beginning but when we take off, it’s simply adorable journey…….its just just divine.
(From the Preface of the ebook)

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Testimonials for 'Spiritual Tools for Material Success'

“It contains great energy and enthusiasm, some excellent quotes, e.g., “Knowledge without wisdom is a load of books, on the back of an ass,” and an occasional cause for a loud guffaw, e.g., "Remember, ducks quack about problems, eagles soar above problems. So what have you done today, “Quack, quack or Soar, soar?” The chapter on intuition is particularly strong. The illustrations are wonderful. There are places where I fully agree with what the author has written, e.g., a logical mind will never let you experience perfect peace.”
Janet Smith Warfield, Author and Publisher, USA

"The book is quite brilliant and exceptionally well written in all respects. I was once a Professional Life Coach and have now retired. I truly wish I had access to  this masterpiece then for my clients. I have no hesitation in giving my endorsement as I am sure it will help all those men and women struggling to earn their livings in to-days hard economic climate."

Alan Jacobs, Poet & Author, UK
President Ramana Maharshi Foundatiion UK

“An exceptional piece connecting and weaving together a wide-range of philosophy and wisdom. Written in an easy manner to engage readers and co-creators of material success through spiritual tools. A universally written book with much insight and multiple levels of understanding. Well done Dr Amit”
Patrick Fuss, Learning and OD expert, New Zealand
"It was wonderful going through the book. The concepts explained in this book deals a massive blow to our modern materialist mindsets, and constitutes various subject of thoughts that most of us refuse to discuss about."
Lipsa Mohanty, Founder, Corporate-a-s-ramah
"Spiritual Tools for Material Success", provides an indepth explanation of the controlling mechanisms of one's spritual outlook. It is the presence of opportunity that points to the provsion of success from a preliminary stand point. Dr. Amit has provided the implement factions for an understanding of spiritual science that is perfectly mediated through his e-book. A fantastic work!
Sandra Garcia, The Pythagoras Portal, South Africa

Thank you Amitabh Joshi for the wonderful editing done


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