How Music Transformed My Life?

Dedicated to my musical friend Michael Thallium, Global & Greatness Coach, Spain

I must have been born with music inside me from day one. The moment I would hear music, it would either make me dance or would stir my soul. Some of my life’s most beautiful memories have a musical connection.

My maternal uncle introduced me to the world of English and other international music in childhood. I learnt it early that music is beyond language. So my favourite songs included a Bengali song, Ricky Martin (Ale, Ale, Ale), a load of The Beatles, Urdu ghazals, Turkish instrumentals, besides Hindi songs of course.

I loved Turkish instrumental cassette my childhood friend Amit Gupta brought from Libya. It was so soothing I would often play it while having meals. Music has given me company in the intense moments of loneliness; music has been a friend, philosopher and guide.

Two years back I got the courage to publicly sing on stage (though I would often sing with family and close friends earlier). I sang the song, “Dil Lagayenge” and dedicated it with a touch of humour to my ‘emotional fool’ students. The song means, “I will fall in love, I will get hurt but I will fall again, as it is my habit”

I made an attempt to learn drumming but failed (probably there was too much noise in my mind to listen to my coach). Drums remain my all time favorite instruments.

Music has inspired me often. A favorite Hindi song, “Ruk Jaana Nahin (Do not stop and accept defeat)” inspired me to carry on in life in spite of regular challenges.

And I decided early on, no matter what, I would just not stop.
Dr Amit Nagpal is a Personal Branding Consultant, Guest Speaker, Author and Global Success Coach. His philosophy is, "Take Charge of Your Life and Your Brand"


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