50 Life Skills to Move from Good to Great

  1. Being thick-skinned
  2. Having an open mind
  3. Being tight-lipped
  4. Capacity to maintain humility
  5. Capability not to underestimate others - whoever it may be
  6. Willingness to be grateful
  7. Never mix business with friendship - you should know where to draw line
  8. Just do it. Take calculated risks
  9. Seek feedback from customers, industry, and experts.
  10. Identify your assumptions. Test your assumptions.
  11. Course correct based on a combination of data and intuition.
  12. Give back.
  13. Always be learning.
  14. Invest in yourself and those around you.
  15. Create a process for everything.
  16. Differentiate & innovate
  17. Remember 80/20 principle
  18. Focus. Don't sweat the small stuff.
  19. Delegate & outsource.
  20. Be clear & be specific
  21. Have passion & have a story
  22. Plan.
  23. Manage your money.
  24. Evaluate problems from different perspectives
  25. Be authentic & be vulnerable.
  26. Be a better person tomorrow than you were today. Always be improving your character.
  27. Reflect on what you did & how people reacted--but don't live in the past.
  28. Be optimistic. Be positive. Live with energy & enthusiasm.
  29. Show rather than tell when possible.
  30. Give love. Relationships are part of our human DNA.
  31. Create value every day
  32. Sound judgment, and the ability to tell good and bad, right and wrong
  33. The ability to realize what is inside oneself, the ability to see what exists in front of oneself
  34. The ability to say No
  35. Tolerance. Respect the right of other people to have an opinion that might differ from yours.
  36. Compassion and empathy. Every person is dealing with some difficulty in their life. Care about what that means for them.
  37. Sense of humor. Be open to the funny side of life.
  38. Know your integrity and stand in it. Always.
  39. Seek joy, even in the saddest of times
  40. That building something is mostly more rewarding than buying something
  41. Making decisions and goals that will benefit your long term happiness, emotional & financial security (playing the long game)
  42. Balance between work & life
  43. Accepting, exploring & respecting your sexuality
  44. To question persistently and practice critical thinking.
  45. To be able to perceive life from outside our own self importance.
  46. To know that happiness and contentment can be self generated.
  47. Identify your strengths and weaknesses, then challenge both just to be sure you were right.
  48. Be aware that you are hard-wired to see patterns and therefore often do even when they are not there.
  49. Be aware that you are capable of handling any situation you are faced with.
  50. Learn to give yourself a break and pat yourself on the back for all your efforts.(Compiled from various sources)


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