People Who Have Inspired Me II: Interview with Ms Ellen Violette, The Ebook Coach

1) Ellen, Give few tips for eBook writers.
Always think of yourself as a marketer first, then an author. Figure out who is going to buy your eBook BEFORE you write it. Otherwise, you could waste a lot of time, energy, and even money writing something no one wants to buy.
And, don’t fall so in love with your eBook that you are afraid to put it out for fear of theft. The big money is generally not in the eBook but in the backend, so do the best you can to protect proprietary work and then let it go. Also consider putting affiliate links in your eBook –you’ll be helping your readers and making extra income doing it.

2) What are the major websites on which one can sell and promote eBooks?
The major websites are Kindle, I bookstore, Nook, Smashword- if you want to use them, and Clickbank but it’s also important to sell it on your own website. Unfortunately too many people put it on a website and just leave it there. You HAVE TO PROMOTE IT. And you have to promote yourself. Even on the major websites, there are millions of eBooks. And the ones making the most sales get the most visibility. So, you have to make it happen and that is what I teach authors to do.

3) How viable is eBook writing in financial terms? How much money one can make if one has reasonable standing as an expert in his field?
EBook Writing is extremely viable as long as you know there is a market for your eBook. As far as how much you can make really depends on how you market it. The fastest and best way to make a lot of money with an eBook is by doing an eBook launch or tour with joint-venture partners who are targeting the same market you want to reach. And the more well-known and the bigger their lists, the more money you will make. Also, whether you have an upsell or back-end product to sell after your eBook will make a big difference too. But it’s not uncommon for someone to make $2,000 to $8,000 a launch and up to $100,000 with top expert partners.

4) Give few tips (your favorites) on eBook writing
Know your competition. There’s no point in writing something that’s already been done. And you won’t know if it’s been done unless you know what’s out there. So, do the research and find out what you can add to the conversation on your subject that will make it fresh, and worth reading.
Always organize your eBook before writing it. Your outline will serve as a road map. And it will keep you from veering off on a tangent and ending up stuck in a ditch.
Also never try to edit while you are writing. You use different sides of the brain for each of these functions so it’s impossible to do both at the same time. And it will take you forever to write your eBook if you try to do it this way.
Do your research AFTER you write your eBook. This is counterintuitive but the truth is some people research forever and never get around to actually writing their eBook! And part of the problem is they don’t know what research they actually need to do so they over research and get some even get stuck in research hell.
So, do your outline, write what you know first, and then fill in the exact research you actually need. It will make a world of difference!

5) What are the different services you offer to eBook authors?
We offer eBook writing in 72 hours or less, as well as other eBook-writing techniques, marketing-coaching programs and Internet marketing mentoring because eBooks are a great strategy but they work best in tandem with other strategies as well. We also offer eBook conversion, publishing and distribution for a flat fee, so we don’t take a percentage of people’s profits.

6) Tell me something about your other interests and achievements? Your Grammy award and your interest of making a difference….
I’ve been a writer all my life. I was in the music business for 20 years and got a Grammy Nomination in 1991 for my work on “Pure Schuur” by Diane Schuur. My song is called “I Could Get Used To This”
I also won Grand Prize for Pop Lyrics and beat out 30,000 applicants and I took First Place in Rock Lyrics for the Music City Song Festival.
I taught songwriting in the 1990’s and then got on the Internet in 2004 and created a revolutionary workshop which changed the way people write eBooks, so they could do it in 72 hours or less. And this workshop has changed people’s lives!
And, I made a 6-figure income in just 2 ½ years on line and started teaching others how to do the same (only a lot faster because, with my help, they aren’t making the mistakes I made)!
In 2010, I was awarded the “Be The Change Award” for creating a 6-figure income while “changing the world” through my business.
My first love is writing: eBooks, songs, and political writing. But I’m also an avid reader and I love movies, music, songwriting, dancing and spending time with my husband, niece and nephews.

Thanks Ellen for sparing your precious time. Personally I have been inspired by you, to make ebook writing my primary source of revenue besides consulting.

Brief Profile
Ellen Violette, Internet strategist, author and ebook coach, helps people learn how to figure out what their unique message is and how to communicate it to their target market to build a 6-figure income.and the lifestyle they want (using ebooks as a focal point to get their as quickly as possible).
She's the creator of The 3 Days To eBook Cash Workshop (formerly The Quick-Start 3-Day eBook Authoring Workshop) - a one-of-a-kind PROVEN authoring program that is turning people into successful authors in 72 hours or less! eBooks for Sale in 4 days or less! eBook Profit Marketing Secrets: 12 Easy-to-Follow Lessons to Building a Successful Internet Business From the Ground Up as well as The Accelerated Wealth Blueprint Program. and a lot more! She coaches and mentors individual clients as well.
She's also an established author. She’s written the The 1 eBook Solution: the 12 secrets to turning a single ebook into a 6-figure income. The eBook Journal For Authoring Success, “The Moving Cure, How To Organize Your Move To Save Time, Money & Your Sanity” And, co-written an ebook with Internet Guru Jim Edwards called Sell More eBooks: Low and No Cost Tactics to Explode Your eBook Sales and Downloads.  She’s also the author of, as well as being a co-contributor to the #1 best-selling book Wake Up Live the Life You Love, Finding Freedom.
Ellen is also a Contributing Author to Published! a high-end online magazine and a Blog Talk Radio Host.
Ellen’s mission is to give authors, entrepreneurs, speakers and coaching creative and financial control over their lives by giving them all the tools they need to create a 6-figure income online using ebooks and other information products.
Ellen is also a Grammy-nominated songwriter and accomplished copywriter. She lives in Woodland Hills, California with her husband, Christen Violette a retired Clinical hypnotherapist and stress-reduction expert.

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