Interview with Mr Benjamin Anyacho; Author, Speaker & Corporate Crisis Management Consultant

1) Tell us about your book, “Bold, Fresh Wine”
Bold, Fresh Wine is a desperate cry for sustainable, cultural and societal transformation, nationally and globally. The national revival in the biblical Nineveh was short-lived. Since the book of Acts, the last 2000 years, transformation has been anything but sustainable—with few fingerprints. Why is it that city/national transformation is anything but sustainable? Why is it that when we go to those places we have witnessed awakening or transformation, they are worse than they were before the change took place? Do we really need transformation, be it cultural or spiritual? There’s something more! There are transforming revival, resurrection and relationship. Why do we stop at revival? Revival is not resurrection and relationship; visitation is not habitation. Can desperation and hunger move or fast-forward the timing of events? There is a different method of making the new wine? Not with the old wineskin. Are we at a tipping point of a sustainable transforming revival like the world has never seen before? Are we at a juxtaposition of another Great Awakening? Bold, Fresh Wine answers all these questions.
My heart goes out to all widows and fatherless children around the world. This book started a project that is dedicated to widows and fatherless children, especially in Africa. There’s hope for you! Support Hope for African Widows and the Fatherless (HAWAF). Let’s give them hope and a little paradise! When you buy this book, you are supporting HAWAF. Visit -Hope for African Widows and the Fatherless (HAWAF) for more.

2) Share few of your memorable experiences as a Corporate Crisis management Consultant.
As a Corporate Crisis management Consultant through Able J Family Wellness, we have offered many families and organizations unique wellness and problem-solving skills through programs that strengthen and empower individuals, couples, parents, and families. Literarily, we are adding value, building people differentiation for Family wellness. As a Certified Family Wellness trainer, Restorative Therapist and crisis manager I have presented these highly interactive programs in the most personalized and relational manner. We have seen transformation in the lives of fragile families, military families, couple and family retreats, and culturally diverse communities. Through our programs, it’s a joy to see couples, companies/organizations find new hope, crisis intervention, crisis management, safety, and family wellness.
As a holistic hybrid Employee Assistance Program (EAP) with chaplaincy, we go beyond the conventional EAP, care for employees’ family members, hospital visitation, funeral, etc.
I have helped employees who face a significant crisis that disrupts their personal life at home or at work and reduces productivity at work and organizations that want to cut cost of absenteeism, presenteeism, and all kinds of personal crisis that hamper productivity. I have aided management in recognizing and dealing with crisis and employee job performance issues and cutting down all behavioral health costs. We have taken EAP to new level. We have compassionate chaplains & Restorative Therapists on call, on site, and online to work with employees and their family members through all emotional, physical and spiritual crises, 24X7, without proselytizing. A holistic hybrid Employee Assistance Program (EAP) with chaplaincy.

3) What are your areas of specialization as a Consultant besides crisis management?
I do consulting in Marketing Management, Business Process Re-engineering, Marketing Intelligence, Human resources (Recruiting, Training and Job Placement) through Target Ahead Recruiters, non-profit organization management consulting, and strategic collaboration and synergy building,

4) Tell us about your group on LinkedIn “Leaders and Thinkers”. What exactly do you mean by Thinkers?
Leaders & Thinkers is a rendezvous of thousands of the finest leaders and thinkers on earth. Managers do the right thing but leaders do things right. Albert Szent-Györgyi rightly says, “Discovery consists in seeing what everybody else has seen, and thinking what nobody else has thought”. At Leaders and Thinkers, authentic leadership is a choice not a position. Leaders are made not necessarily born. Find out at L&T Think, collaborate and lead. If you are a leader that thinks outside the box and believe that authentic leadership is not a position but a choice, emerging great Leaders and Thinkers (L&T) at is for you.
I am the Founder and facilitator of Leaders & Thinkers: 5000+ global forum of CEOs, managers, entrepreneurs, and think tanks from 100+ nations, . We want to use L&T as a platform to connect, mobilize, mentor and impact one million outside-the-box thinking authentic leaders around the world. Martin Luther King, Jr says, "Everybody can be great...because anybody can serve. You don't have to have a college degree to serve. You don't have to make your subject and verb agree to serve. You only need a heart full of grace. A soul generated by love" .
Thinkers? Authentic leadership transcends existing shot-term thinking, scientific and leadership orthodoxy. Here, it’s natural to think outside the box. We challenge our assumptions-- questioning the everyday things we take for granted. We ask: Why? What if?

5) How do you define authentic leadership?
The world is not lacking in leadership. What is wanting is authentic leadership that does not just level with commonsense or conventional wisdom, but thinks outside the box, real, honest, and trustworthy. Every authentic leader must lead with integrity, exert influence, make positive impact, demonstrate initiatives, and must be visionary or have insight. Authentic leadership like dialogic leadership helps build ethical organizational culture, produce effective and integrative win-win results. Authentic leadership is not a position. It is a choice. Steve Wright, an Academy Award-winning American comedian, actor and writer said, “There's a fine line between fishing and just standing on the shore like an idiot.” So, "Lead, follow, or get out of the way." (Thomas Paine)
Authentic leadership is discovery. Authentic leadership is a choice not a position because leaders are made not necessarily born. The biggest difference between managers and leaders is the way they motivate the people who work or follow them, and this sets the tone for most other aspects of what they do. There is no substitute for competent, thinking and authentic leadership. All business success follows from it, and all business failures follow from the lack of it. Authentic leaders appeal to the heart; managers appeal to the head.
Great leaders and thinkers go beyond the conventional wisdom. Business-minded authentic leaders and thinkers are for honest strategic partnership.
Leaders and Thinkers is the movement I founded, where it is natural to think outside the box and authentic leadership is not just a possibility but can be a surety.

Thanks Benjamin for sharing your wonderful knowledge and insights on leadership. It was a pleasure interacting with you.

Brief Profile
Author, entrepreneur, keynote speaker, corporate crisis management consultant, crisis Chaplain & Restorative Therapist, Adjunct Professor, apostolic leader, missionary, New Wine Gathering facilitator in Austin, Texas. MBA, Global Business, St Edwards University Austin, TX.

Managing Partner & founder at Able J Resources & Consulting, Executive Director at Apostolic Bridge Builders, Inc., Founder and Moderator of 5000+-member emerging great Leaders & Thinkers, co-host, Austin Arise! Transforming Revival radio and TV shows w/ Benjamin Anyacho & Barbara Bucklin, FM 99.3, FM 98.5 (Teaching & Talk for Austin & Central Texas); ACTV 11, 12, 13

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Bold, Fresh Wine
P .O. Box 80374
Austin, Texas, 78708
Tell: +1-888-516-0419, +1-512-538-4544


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· Project manager for more than 14 year, finished all projects on time and on budget
· Initiated, planned, executed, presented in, and facilitated more than 36 local and global leadership conferences and joint ventures since 2001. Hundreds of leaders have participated.
· Recruited over 500 participating businesses and non-profit organization from 40 cities in Texas.
· Co-host weekly radio FM 99.3 and FM 98.5 and TV shows on city-impacting issues in Austin.
· Author of Bold, Fresh Wine: A Cry for Sustainable Transformation; Pending books: “How to Succeed with Your Vision,” and “The Power of Saying No—When It Is Insanity to Say Otherwise.”
· Managed a get-out-and-vote grassroots effort, which included 80,000 university students and Youth Corp members of the National Association of Nigerian Students, 1995-1996.
· Founder and facilitator of Leaders & Thinkers: 5000+ global forum of CEOs, managers, entrepreneurs, and think tanks from 100+ nations,


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