Have you Arrived and Other Stories on Wisdom

Mini Stories on Wisdom

Have you arrived?"

"How will I come to know that I have arrived and achieved success?", he asked the coach.

" When you develop the courage to laugh at yourself. When your confidence begins to exceed your inferiority complexes, you have arrived in the true sense", the coach answered.

"Just Few Friends"

"The saying goes, 'Even if you have a thousand friends, you have not a friend to spare.
Even if you have a single enemy you will meet him everywhere'
Don't you think you have very few friends?", he asked her.

"True. I am different with a story of my own. I can only connect with people if I trust them enough to tell my story. And they care enough to listen to it. And I believe you need few friends and many acquaintances", she had a surprising clarity about what she wanted in life.


"Heart Walls"

"She is such an unemotional person.Why do you make yourself vulnerable by loving such an unexpressive robot?", his friend asked him.

"Nobody is unemotional. People who are the most sensitive build the hardest heart walls as a defense mechanism. They are just too scared of being hurt once more", he replied.

"You are courageous indeed. All the best my dear", the friend replied.

Lemons, Apples and Coconuts

Life threw lemons, she made lemonade.
Life threw apples and she made juice this time.
Life threw more lemons & apples and she was used to them by now.

And then one day she got tired of life's challenges and badly felt a need for a break.
Yet life didn't give her a break and threw a coconut rather. First time she feared she would break down but surprisingly she didn't.

She had never realised that what didn't kill her was actually making her stronger. One fine day she realised she had become an "Iron lady".

By now even life had got tired of throwing stuff at her. Had she passed the stress interview of life with flying colours?



"He kept shaking my hand for a pretty long time. 54 seconds to be precise. Was he giving me some hint? Can you enlighten me please?", he asked her.

"Interesting. Probably yes. May be he wants to collaborate closely. Or may be he admires something about you", she replied.

"Admires? Hmm. Are you trying to pull my leg 'Her Highness?'", he smiled.



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