"The Enlightened Girl" and Other Stories on Wisdom and Love

Mini Stories on Wisdom and Love

The Enlightened Girl

He looked at the photo once again. The shot was magical. Or was she the magic in it? She was standing against a dark background and all the light of the camera was falling on her face. And with that magnificent aura, she simply looked "Enlightened".

Will she hold his hand and lead him into the light or he needs to undertake this journey alone once again? He was lost in a clutter of thoughts and then his heart whispered, "Yes, she is a true seeker and one day they would walk together into the light".

He had discovered the "secret" after a long journey. Yes, desires lead you to light, to enlightenment. Actually keen desire leads to heartfelt prayer and heartfelt prayer leads to enlightenment. Interestingly, she had become his reason for heartfelt prayers. Will they both walk into light together remained a question still?

She had her demons and her dark side too. But then having a shadow is part of being human. It only shows there is still work to be done. We are all work in progress. Isn't it?

On the other hand, her pure soul definitely shone a dazzling light. And may be she looked jaw dropping in the photo just because of that.

"Will she? Won't she? Will she? Won't she", he kept wondering. And the days carelessly went by least bothered.

The Silent Observer
"Teacher, which is the most powerful tool of learning, Reading, Doing or Observing?", the disciple asked the teacher.

"All tools have their own benefits and powers. My personal favourite is observation.", the teacher replied.

She continued, "Observation serves you in three ways and goes beyond learning Yet no tool is useful if you don't implement the learning.

1) To learn-Observing people & their behavior is a master class. Observing nature is meditation.

2) To understand & reflect-To observe debates and discussions help you understand and appreciate varied perspectives.

3) To entertain-Observing your mind and becoming a witness, not only improves self awareness but is as entertaining as watching a film.

"Watching your mind and flow of thoughts is no less a tamasha. It is like having an idiot box right inside you", the master added and began to laugh.

"Goodbye expectations, Hello surprises"

He took out the ring and bent down on his knees.

Her heart was beating fast hoping to hear, "Will you marry me?"

He smiled and pleasantly shocked her, "No I am not going to say, 'Will you marry me?'"
"Then?", she waited with bated breath.

He looked at her affectionately and said, "You can say goodbye to expectations and get ready for surprises because I will always have a twist in the story. Life did the same to me. It usually did not give me what I expected and then sometime later surprised me..... by giving me something much more beautiful."

"Ahaan. Now that sounds interesting", she sounded ultra feminine and shy.

"Will you walk with me into the light?", he whispered ready with the ring.

"I am eagerly waiting to", her eyes spoke much faster than her lips did.
Story or Reality ?

"Will our reality remain a story only or will our story become the reality?", she asked him.

"Both", came his quick reply.

"Means?", she was not clear. 

"Our story will first become reality. And then our reality will become a legendary story.", he answered.

(All characters appearing in the stories above are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. © 2016, Dr Amit Nagpal )

Brief Profile

Dr Amit Nagpal, PhD is a Business Storyteller, Keynote Speaker and Digital Storytelling Coach. He is one of the pioneers of digital storytelling in India. After working for more than two decades in academics, and corporates (including publishing, television and digital marketing), he realised teaching is meditationand storytelling is Nirvana.

He is also Chief Inspirational Storyteller at AL Services. AL Services has co-created stories of some of the most inspiring people in India & abroad. He tweets at @DrAmitInspires. To connect / follow on social media, visit about.me


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