And I Fell in Love.........with Storytelling-My Story

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(Inspired by Michael Margolis, Get Storied)

As a child, I was an unconscious storyteller and naturally resorted to stories to explain situations and concepts. Let me share my story and its major milestones.

It shook me up

An incident happened in my life, which made me feel as powerless as a speck of dust. And during the search for an answer, I stumbled upon, “The Power of One.” I began to realize the power of one and wanted to inspire others too. 

I was living an ordinary life until I was introduced to the science of meditation. In the rat race, I had lost my creativity and began to regain it (by meditation). What followed thereafter resulted in social media success and a discovery of a formula.

Finding my direction

Social Media Mega Success = Mindful Content + Passionate Engagement + Heartfelt Collaboration

How I created this formula is an interesting story in itself and a very important part of my professional story. During self-reflection, I realized I had learnt 3 life lessons, which helped me create this formula. The first life lesson was that mindful, audience-centric content can only be generated with an uncluttered mind. It must add value to people’s lives by motivating, energizing or helping them resolve their current life challenges.

The second life lesson was that an uncluttered mind helps you to connect at deeper level and you realize what motivates and inspires you deeply. Once you discover your deep passion, passionate engagement happens naturally. The third lesson was that heartfelt collaboration comes through trust and collaborative efforts require risk and an attitude of win-win.

Finding my life’s purpose

What we unconsciously do, is what we are born to do. I was a born storyteller. I loved case study method during MBA, which is nothing but storytelling. I started my blog with an anecdote (short true story). As a teacher-trainer I used stories frequently. 

My first book is about the story of TV news in India. My second book has plenty of stories from my life and the lessons i learnt. I never realized all this while that I was a passionate though unconscious storyteller. And one fine day I realized the immense power of stories to inspire people, energize action, connect emotionally, build reputation and entertain us at the same time.

Storytelling is something, what the people I want to reach out to can understand and feel comfortable with. It’s full of depth and meaning. Story delivers information, connects people on an emotional level and builds community. Now I feel like a consciously passionate storyteller. I have realized that most of the people especially community-centric cultures prefer to inspire others through sharing their success stories and anecdotes. They prefer building brands as more of a byproduct rather than promote themselves directly.

As Picasso says, ''The meaning of life is to find your gift and the purpose of life is to give it away.'' What we are gifted with, we will do unconsciously. The skill we practice effortlessly unconsciously is surely our gift. After finding our gift, we must give it away. My life purpose is to support my clients and students in telling their own anecdotes and stories. And personal brands and business brands are a gift they get from the Universe.

I love storytelling because storytelling integrates:-

  • Self interest with others interest 
  • Education with entertainment 
  • Emotions with logic
  • Electronic, print and other mass media (Transmedia storytelling) 
  • Young generation with the old (Transgenerational)
  • Online with offline brand 
  • Social media with mass media 
  • Personal with business brand
And most important of all, stories humanize our mechanical world.

May my story become your story too !

Now I realize, my passion for inspirational storytelling is so deep, 'The Secret' had begun to apply. The right people had started coming. The right situations got created. The right mindset began to emerge from within. 

Now I want people to see what I see. I want to connect at deeper level. Those who travel light can only connect deeply, because there is no baggage weighing them down, no distraction stopping one’s deeper self to connect with others deeper self. 

May you too regain your creativity, gain clarity and find your life purpose. There comes one day when you connect the dots and understand the role of each character in your story. You find the significance behind every struggle and every villain. The dots don't look like dots anymore. One rather tends to see the curve and deep meaning behind every crest and every trough of life. You want to share your excitement with the world. 

And the eventful day, on which you discover your life purpose, you begin to dance like a wave. And the ripples begin to spread. ~~~~~~~~~


(If you wish to learn storytelling, you may check this link of "The New About Me Program" from Get Storied)
Brief Profile
Dr Amit Nagpal is Chief Inspirational Storyteller and Mega Success Coach. He is based in New Delhi, India and specializes in personal branding with a holistic touch. His philosophy is, "Enlarge as a Human Being, Excel as a Social Media Being and Evolve as a Personal Brand"
To know more about Dr Nagpal, visit www.dramitnagpal.comContact for personal branding/social media speaking/training/coaching. If you have doubts about the power of storytelling on social media, connect with Dr Nagpal, on Linkedin or Twitter and see for yourself.


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