Women and Personal Brand Storytelling

From Facebook queen Mari Smith, to LinkedIn Diva Lori Ruff, to globally renowned social media experts Kim Garst and Shelly D Kramer, women have taken global social media by the storm. 

In so many ways, social media is a boon for the modern woman. She has all the qualities that are needed to be successful on social media and develop a powerful personal brand. Personal branding is all about communication, be it through blogs/micrblogs, speaking, authoring books or forming an emotional connect in relationships.

Women have collaborative spirit, patience to nurture relationships and it goes without saying that women have always been better communicators than men. (Tweet This

If not convinced still, then read on:-

1) Demonstrate your Thought Leadership
Women being more sensitive are often more creative. Thought leadership is all about coming up with creative ideas. Recently a friend told me, “When men walk into my office, they look so tired, it is women who bring the energy.” If you have the energy, communicate your thought leadership ideas with passion. And before you know it, you are……

2) Communicate you are no less
Social media and personal branding give you an opportunity to communicate your personal values. If you are ready to work late, communicate. If you have the ambition and are ready to pay the price, communicate.

3) Counter the stereotype
If you do not belong to the stereotype, communicate. If women have evolved and do not fit into the stereotypes anymore, communicate. Let your communication stereo be on and let the stereotypes die.

4) Make a strong network
You know you are a great networker. So get up and get cracking. (If you have doubts see point 10)

5) Become a regular collaborator
Competitiveness and aggression have helped people become successful for ages. In future people will notice that the great personal brands will be the people who are great collaborators. Collaboration can take several forms viz. promoting each other on blogs/websites, writing joint columns and so on.

6) Nurture your network patiently
You have the patience to nurture children for years, you have the patience to bear the maddening labour pain. Nurturing your network is a cakewalk for you. Shift from the cakebake to cakewalk. Other people only build your personal brand, so nurture people, who will nurture your brand.

7) Unleash your creativity
A local personal brand can become a global personal brand, if your content goes viral. What is required for your content to go viral- immense creativity. Creativity requires sensitivity to cues, shades and words. Unleash your creativity in text, audio, video, cartoons or whatever suits you best.

8) No need to throw charms anymore
In a male dominated world, women found the only way to succeed was to charm men. But women with self-respect are refusing to do it at the workplace. Why pull men by throwing charm, why not pull the employers /customers with your personal brand?

9) New industries are dominated by women
New industries like coaching, training, BPO/KPO and so on are dominated by women in any case. You have been managing the backstage for a long time now. So come and be a thief, I mean, 'Go and steal the limelight'.

10) Communicate you are better than men in some areas (if not all)
If you have more empathy to handle the customers communicate. If you have more patience to nurture relationships, communicate. Women are better networkers, are better multitaskers and have higher capacities for stress.

Dr. Ivan Misner in his book, ‘Business Networking and Sex’ points out


1. Are all about the relationship not the transaction

2. Network less often, but network longer and are more satisfied with their results

3. Believe self-improvement comes from a variety of sources and doing it themselves is not one of them

4. Build credibility by getting to know another's character and personal issues

So dear women (and sensitive men), get ready for the new revolutions; the revolution of personal branding through social media, the revolution of commanding premium through branding, the revolution of getting global at the click of a mouse, the revolution of becoming recession proof by having global clients and the revolution of pursuing your deepest passion with coaches to assist and role models to follow.

Is the blood running excitedly in your arteries or you need someone to support and inspire?

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Dr Amit Nagpal, PhD is a Business Storyteller, Keynote Speaker and Digital Storytelling Coach. He is one of the pioneers of digital storytelling in India. After working for more than two decades in academics, and corporates (including publishing, television and digital marketing), he realised teaching is meditation and storytelling is his Nirvana.

He is also Chief Inspirational Storyteller at AL Services. AL Services has co-created stories of some of the most inspiring people in India and abroad. He tweets at @DrAmitInspires. To connect / follow on social media, visit about.me

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