Interference: Goals, Growth and God

A Guest Post on Interference by Rory Kelly Connor

Have you ever had someone walk into a room and the tension level rises to the point of uncomfortable anxiety? Where “you could cut the tension with a knife?” Or when you suddenly catch a stranger’s eye and are overcome with sexual frisson. I know you know what I mean. It’s palpable, the shift in energy from one vibration to another. One person can have an amazing effect on us, simply by entering our space. 

We are all energy – our thoughts, our actions and our emotions. We are vibrating in a way that affects others, and everything around us. We manifest our energy just through presence, but also in what we think, what we say and what we do. Our tone of voice. Our intentions. Our desires. Our level of love or anger. We create a force field around ourselves that emanates a wavelength, which is a reflection of our level of consciousness.

Picture that you are a wave of energy vibrating along at whatever level you have chosen. What are you emanating?

Constructive vs. Destructive Interference

Science has shown us what happens when two or more waves transmit through a given region. Depending on how the peaks and troughs of the two waves coincide with each other, the resulting wave amplitude can be bigger or smaller than the amplitudes of the individual waves. When two waves rise and fall together more than half the time (resonating well), the amplitude of the resulting wave is greater than that of the larger wave (magnified). This is called constructive interference.  Who are the people whose energy makes you feel bigger, better, happier, more powerful and amazing when you are around them? What thoughts and actions make you feel this way?

Conversely, when two waves rise and fall together less than half the time (in other words, do not resonate), the resulting amplitude is smaller than the amplitude of the stronger wave (therefore, the net effect diminishes). This is called destructive interference.  In addition, it is possible for two waves of the same magnitude (seemingly very similar) to completely cancel each other out through destructive interference. Their sum is always zero because their peaks and valleys are perfectly opposed. Who are the people who you always feel at odds with, who diminish your flame, who leave you feeling flat and joyless when you are around them? What thoughts and actions make you feel this way? What beliefs do YOU have that keep your energy in a limited wave?

Who is playing destructive interference in your life?

Goals, Growth and God

Destructive interference can come from without or within. It is a kind of static that exists between us and our goals, our growth and God. It can manifest in all kinds of ways and through all kinds of people. And it is our responsibility to ourselves to identify it and then do all we can to remove it. Only in this way can we move into our highest frequency, in other words, our highest potential. Our highest selves. 

Some examples of destructive interference that you might recognize from your own life include other people’s agendas and selfishness, your own fears, family members, significant other relationships, other people’s expectations and desires surrounding you, paying yourself last, addictions, negative people, too much head and not enough heart, opinions of others, status factors, ideals of what success looks like, your limiting beliefs and the limiting beliefs of others, church and religious dogma, peer pressure, hate, wealth, acquiring toys, wasting time, fear of losing your sense of self with an infusion of new ideas and truths that contradict everything you know, being “right,” and uncertainty, among many, many – let me say it again - many others. What is keeping you from the “three Gs” is as complicated and as simple as you are an individual and is affected by your cultural background, your place in the world, and how you live your life. 

And strangely enough, many things and people that we think or have been taught are good for us – constructive – can in fact be destructive for us. The key is in getting to really know yourself deeply and well, separate from any interference. Only then can you truly recognize your current wavelength…and change it or elevate it so you can move forward towards your goals, your growth, and God. 

Interference is Chosen

It is important to remember is that we choose to allow destructive interference. After all, we choose our lives, the people in it, our jobs, and who and how we spend our time. Saying “I had no choice” is an untruth. We always have a choice. Knowing this, we can also choose to identify and deal with it. For instance, we can work at modifying destructive energies around us through consistently choosing to resonate at a higher level, detaching ourselves from the energy of others. Of course, this takes practice and hard work to master. Or we can choose to remove ourselves or the destructive energies from our playing field.

If we have the power to allow interference, we also always have the power to remove interference. To reach our highest selves, we must be willing to remove any and all – yes, ALL - interference (impediments) that blocks us from our goals, growth and God. It is in the willingness to surrender – to give up whatever it is that may interfere with our ability to reach our highest selves, our Divine purpose, an intimate relationship with the Divine – that is the key to our success.

Warning (smile), some of us will be tested, called on to prove our love and commitment. Some of us will be called to sacrifice what holds us back from our goals, growth and God. We will consciously have to choose between our human lives (wealth, status, families, salary, properties, toys, ego satisfying perspectives…) and God, our growth and goals. Many of us will choose to stay static or lower our wavelength towards a lesser possible self through allowing destructive interference. Many of us will consciously choose to remove anything that keeps us from our highest selves, a place of deep integrity and love. Some of us, like Job (from the Bible), will be given the gift of losing everything so all or most interference is removed, and we are then able to step forward and begin climbing the mountain to our highest selves and a deep, intimate communion with God, the path now clear. 

Rise Above It

“Rise above it,” my mother always said. I thought she meant, “They are small. Be bigger and better than they are.” Of course, when I was young, this aggravated me as I wanted to do battle, wanted to go head to head with the nasty ones, get a little muddy, if needed. Yet, now I know she was really guiding me to elevate my energy to a level of grace, towards my Divine Self, to separate my wavelength from the nasty wave of another one on a lesser frequency.  

I encourage you to consistently tune into your wavelength and to identify destructive interference. Anything that gets between you and your goals, growth and/or God is interference. And to reach your highest self, your highest potential, interference has got to go! Remove it, change it, or rise above it. You get to choose what you bring to yourself, who or what you allow to swim with your wavelength, the energy with which you surround yourself. As Jill Bolte Taylor said so eloquently in her book My Stroke of Insight, “Be responsible for the energy you bring into this space.” 


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