10 Myths about Spirituality

Here are the 10 Myths and an explanation why they are myths only.

Myth 1-Spirituality is serious and boring
In fact it is the opposite. If spirituality is presented in the right way it is the most relaxing and gives absolute happiness unlike relative happiness gained from material objects and successes. Spirituality can be real fun. For example Nithya says a simple fact interestingly, “True education teaches you how to google your consciousness and find all your answers within.”

Myth 2- Spirituality is taught by the uneducated (babas) who may not have intellectual capacity and understanding of real life and corporate world
Not true anymore. There are spiritual teachers like Nithya Shanti who obtained an MBA from reputed XLRI institute and now he does corporate training and lecturing throughout the world

Myth 3-Only unhappy people seek spirituality
People who want lasting and absolute happiness seek spirituality. In fact spirituality seekers have above average intelligence as they have understood the difference between relative and absolute-lasting happiness. People who already have fulfilling relationships and happy lives can bring even more happiness and meaning (by developing wisdom, emotional strength and other such qualities) to their lives.

Myth 4 –Spirituality is very difficult
It is very much false as many of the spiritual tools like meditation and chanting are very simple yet very powerful.
People who have a positive attitude and a less cluttered mind will find spirituality very easy though others may take time which will be worth it.

Myth 5- Spirituality means running away from family and duties
It is up to you. You can run away from responsibilities and seek God. It is definitely more challenging to connect with oneself along with professional and family responsibilities and succeeding inspite of the challenges is very joyful

Myth 6-Spirituality has no direct impact on our real and material life
It may sound contradictory but spirituality gives you the wisdom to increase material prosperity with ethical ways, which gives a person true fulfillment and happiness. Spirituality improves our creativity, leadership skills, and relationships and in fact influences every sphere of our life in a positive way.

Myth 7-Spirituality is the refuge of those who do not get enough affection from family
People may initially be attracted to spirituality due to suffering or shortage of family support but as one becomes spiritual one has improved family relationships and one tends to become more forgiving and relaxed. One understands the critical role suffering plays in making us better human beings and develop in depth understanding of life. In any case the affection of God is more stable and permanent compared to family or human affection.

Myth 8-Spirituality has a mismatch with the value systems of Kaliyuga
Spirituality may help you in attracting positive vibes even from negative people. It brings out the god which is present in every human being and only needs to be harnessed through right approach. If the entire world becomes spiritual we would move to Satyuga in any case.

Myth 9 Spirituality is not suitable for masses who feel more comfortable with religion
Religion believes my God is great while spirituality believes there is only one God (who is great). Spirituality is as suitable for the masses as religion though spirituality has not been aggressively marketed like religion has been. Religion is dogmatic and rigid but spirituality is open minded though spirituality borrows lot of philosophies and concepts from religion. Actually the beginning and ideology of every religion has been spiritual and open but has been made dogmatic by its followers.

Myth 10-Spirituality is abstract and unscientific
Though abstract is always more challenging than concrete but as one gets deeper into spirituality, one discovers it is a concrete science too. It demonstrates cause –effect relationships and as one experiencing the benefits of spirituality (like impact of positive thoughts and vibrations), one finds spirituality is very logical and scientific.

(I express my deep gratitude to my mentor Sensei Ikeda & Bharat Soka Gakkai, for the mentorship and inspiration.)


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