Spiritual Healing - 2 ; Guest Blog by Dr Ferda Kaleagasioglu

Know yourself, who you really are…

Knowing yourself is the inner work required for evolution. Almost all initiatic teachings emphasize the need of realizing who you really are.

Our emotional reactions, (hence created confusions) are shaped by defiled humanly perceptions. Let’s just remember, how many different masks we wear throughout our communications and how frequently our contentment fluctuates. Our feelings depend on how much we fulfill our desires or realize our goals.
We desire to be powerful to feel more secure.
We desire to have money to obtain whatever we wish to enjoy life.
We desire to be beautiful or handsome to be loved and adored.
We desire to be respected to feel honored. 

Our desires will (and should) never end, since they are leading us for our evolution. Life is getting pretty easier and enriched with faster communication technologies, more comfortable houses, better-equipped cars, all kinds of food etc. Then why is humanity getting increasingly depressed, anxious, and aggressive in spite of this advanced contemporary technology? Because we are focusing only on material satisfaction and ignoring our real needs. We don’t actualize the inner work mandatory for our evolutionary goal. We must be aware of each emotion manipulating our desires, hence our confused reactions: Fear? Rage? Sadness? Resentment? Jealousy? If our desires can be purified from defiled emotions, our spirits will have the opportunity to lead a more conscious evolutionary journey.

Divine Love embraces the entire universe. To learn how to love all the life on the planet earth is one of our important tasks to be able to graduate from the School of the World. As Mevlâna Celâl-ed-Din Rûmî says (*):
Nevertheless, come,
Whatever you are, whether you are infidel, 
Whether you worship fire or idol,
Whether you've repented a hundred times,  
Whether you’ve spoiled your repentance a hundred times
This is not the gate of despair, 
As you are …

We must learn to understand and respect the boundaries among us with mutual compassion and tolerance. Instead of accusing or blaming others, we have to be courageous enough to tear off our own masks to face our own defiled emotions. We are here to learn how to live altogether in harmony and peace. Man cleans rust off man, according to a Turkish proverb. Reflections from other people, even if annoying, may in fact provide a miraculous opportunity to clean our own rusts, if we can see.

Devote your time to know yourself.
And always remain with love…
Ferda Kaleagasioglu

1 Arıkdal, E. Yaşamın Amacı Kendini Bilmek Ruh ve Madde Yayınları 2. Baskı, 2003
2 http://www.semazen.net/index.php 
(*) Translation by the author

Brief Profile
Ferda Kaleagasioglu is a doctor of medicine. She worked as an academician at Istanbul University and then at various senior executive positions at multinational pharmaceutical companies. Her current fields of interest are integrative medicine, quantum physics, consciousness and spiritual healing. Her medical approach is “Primum non nocere”.

Turkish version of this series can be read from July onwards in the Journal  of "Spirit and Matte"r published monthly by Foundation for Spreading the Knowledge to Unify Humanity (BILYAY) at http://www.bilyay.org.tr


  1. Thank you for your column. Self-knowledge is a key element of the universal spiritual life, which is why I devoted a chapter to it in my book "Working on the Inside: The Spiritual Life Through the Eyes of Actors." Vanessa Williams, Edward Herrmann and others have insightful points to make about necessary quality.


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