Interview with Ms Pauline Laumans; Holistic Life Coach & Metaphysics Author

 1) Tell us something about your holistic life coaching.
Since 1992 I, Pauline Laumans, have my own practice and since 2002 John van Trijp participates.
It is based on the principle of reading the energy in and around you. It’s the highest intuitive level a person can reach and we offer it to all others to learn this as well.

This energy tells what it is you are facing right now? Why you face it? When it started? Whether it is from you or more linked to something else? What more is involved in it? What the impossibilities are. What the possibilities are. What the outcome might be. What is it you can achieve? Even sometimes where in the future you are able to achieve this next step in you life path.

2) Tell us something about your Living Alive books. What are the qualities of a Living Alive person?
We have written so far four new books for which we got international endorsements from: Dick Bruna, Martin Gaus, Dr. Caron Goode, Frederic Collier, Yvonne Kroonenberg, Steve Rother, Hermann Lammert. They are sold on Soon also available as e-pub.  Also the books can be ordered at

The First is “Freedom in Relationships: Have the right Identification”
It reveals insight in how we all were led into temptation without realizing it and thus most tend to make contaminating identifications as a result. On its turn it results in suppression and wrong examples of behavior. It leads to depressions, destructive behavior, mental and physical illnesses that make you fearful of Life.
The book reveals how to turn the ship.
It gives you insight on how to set yourself free and life in harmony with all on earth, in peace and freedom. You step away from imprisonment of vicious circles.
The book links psychology, evolution, religiare, quantum physics with daily life.
It is a psychology manual, but is also a book for those who want to be living Alive. It is a book for those who no longer want to contribute to the devastation of men and our mental and psychical degeneration.
This book is written with easy to understand words.

The second one is “Your Choice: Living Alive or Living Dead”
It is the first book that gives comprehensive overview of all kinds of interfering daily issues.  Issues that obstruct or interfere Life as we tend to by contaminating identifications to poison ourselves, to degenerate ourselves as human species or to allow other entities to occupy our body. Our vitality is decreasing, mental and physical illnesses increases. It makes it difficult to adapt or survive as a human species to changing circumstances. Circumstances we only see as the damage has occurred already for many years.
After reading the book, you can make more informed choices. The quality of life and happiness increases. You can now choose to step out of vicious circles. You stop with “garbage in, garbage out”.

The third book is “Karmic Reflections: Talking with Men and Nature”
It is about the Essence of nature that is able to teach and explain us whatever we need to know. That is why we communicate with this energy, ask questions and listen to the answers. We experience the world with our eyes as part of our environment. It is our truth and it may be complemented with the environment and truth from the energy world.
The fourth book is “From Tadpole to Prince: Towards Mega Conscious Awareness in 2016”

The book describes a period of approximately 50,000 years, creating prospect of repeating patterns. It seems that humanity remains with their back to the future and their face to the past. It allows some to repeat and wallow in ever thicker layers in order to keeping up appearances. Thus they increasingly become disconnected from their inner Self and the purpose of life.
This book describes the repeating pattern as well as the development stages that make it easy and motivating to continue on your path and refrain from repetition.
It describes a. o. the 9 development stages (more to be opened) from the perspective of incarnation, color, conscious competence model, social behavior, awareness, Maslow, Rogers, and Erikson

The quality of a living alive person is that such a person increases in awareness. This awareness allows the person to heal all inner wounds (karma) and to understand what the person’s origin is and what the mission in this lifetime is and how former lives created the basis for this live.
The outcome is that you stop transfer wrong identifications and actions to your offspring.
The best outcome is to end the earthly cycle of life and dead and start living with the big L of life beyond the earthly school of balance.

3) Tell us in brief what exactly is metaphysics.
Metaphysics deals with theories of existence and knowledge but also with the practice of whatever there is to see and notice. Most just see things as they are but do not see things as they are. We can however learn to see things as they exist.
Metaphysics teaches us the fundamental nature of being, of being part in the world. Part of it is the ontology.

4) What is essence of life in your opinion?
To re-member that you are a member of All.
To reflect each other the essence of existence.
To experience live and to add to the single light in order to create the multiple light.

5) What is Personal Intuitive Management? How can we improve our intuition?
Personal Intuitive Management (PIM) This extensive program is designed for those who wish to explore their fullest potential in life. This is done by introducing you to your own inner life hence giving access to your intuition.
Any part of this program asks you to let go of old beliefs; rigid thinking; prejudices and take nothing for granted. As a detective you explore your own life and discover what it is you want.
You eventually learn to put your intuition to daily use.

When you sense or believe something you have to start raising questions and experience the answer. Then you start to develop intuition. Intuition is only improved when you discriminate the intuitive from instinct, feeling, thinking, believing, assumptions, interpretation or association.  Eventually you also become a knower.

6) Tell us about science of creative intelligence
The creation (birth) of the Big Bang, split All. All (particles) have to learn and co-create and then come together again. These particles form energy and energy transforms in mass and mass in energy. One of the mass is the human specie. A soul merged with this specie. Other souls merged with other mass. All attempt to re-member (that they are a member of all) and co-create a new outcome.

7) What makes a complete teacher?
A complete teacher is one who has walked the path.
A person who has – in this and former lives – experienced all sides and aspects of life and has internalized knowledge, which is wisdom.
A person who is completely honest and shares InSights with those willing to accept more reality.
Thanks Pauline Pauline for enlightening me and my audience. My intuition says, you will rock the world.

Brief Profile
Pauline Laumans is a Metaphysics Author, Holistic Life Coach, Publicist and Partner at Libertas in Vivo. She is based in Ultrecht, Netherlands.



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