Guest Blog by Mr John Murphy-The Wisdom of Patience

Patience is a form of peace, the very result we so often seek but struggle finding. When we are patient, we are still. We are at rest. We are resting in peace – a term we might want to use more often with people who are actually alive in spirit. Patience is a virtue. It is a gift we give ourselves and one another. It is abundant and infinite. There is no limit to patience. It puts us in touch with the eternal now, the endless moments of truth. How often do you hear someone say they do not have time to do certain things that are healthy and productive, like reading enlightening books, listening to inspirational music, looking at illuminating works of art, exercising, meditating, relaxing, or simply enjoying the moment? What better time to do some of these things than when we might otherwise be practicing impatience?
Patience is a healthy state of mind, a wise alternative. Impatience is not. It has nothing to do with the physical body. It is purely a state of mind, a matter of perspective. Contemplate this the next time you feel impatient. What alternative could you use to replace the attention you are allowing your mind to focus on? There are always alternatives. Perhaps you can find a productive alternative for standing in line, waiting in traffic, sitting in front of a slow computer, awaiting the awakening of a loved one, dealing with mistakes or teaching a challenging student. You may also find that you need to exercise patience with your own awakening, your heightened sense of awareness. Liberation can take awhile.
If you are expecting immediate miracles, you may not be aware of the miracles you are already in the middle of. The quick fix mentality of many cultures does not always see the depth and wisdom of the fix. Our world economy is in the middle of one now. So is the planet. In fact, the human race is in the middle of a major “shift” in consciousness, a true miracle, and many do not have the patience or depth to see it. Practice patience each and every day and behold the wisdom of the masters. Witness the perfect harmony and balance, the yin and yang, of God’s Creation.
John J. Murphy has written an interesting book -Beyond Doubt: Four Steps to Inner Peace.
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