Laughing at Myself series; I -My Monkey Mind

Excess of everything is bad including excess of goodness and excess of intelligence. These days, I am really tired of my Monkey Mind.
One moment this monkey mind is in the past, next in the future and if forced, then only it is back to the present moment. Bloody hell! it is always looking for an excuse (the way MBAs look for an excuse to jump from one job to another) to jump from past to future, one idea to another, jumping from India to US, from US to France and then from France to Pondicherry city, from Pondicherry to New Delhi. Oh my God, how can someone hop so fast? It can jump from East to West as if there was no culture and climate difference. Now I understand why it is going bonkers. After all, how can one adjust so quickly from the London chill to the Delhi heat, it’s not even taking time to acclimatize?
The funniest part is even when I am writing an article on, “Living in the moment,” it just notices the word moment and jumps to remember some beautiful moments of the past. I used to tell my students, “Fortunately man evolved from the monkey, but some people still behave like monkeys, forgive them…..for they are still evolving.” Meanwhile my mind went idea hopping, but as a teacher I had no problem, I was just known as the absent-minded professor. But as a Consultant-Trainer, oh no………unpardonable crime.
Why does my mind hop so much or is it a problem with everyone? May be I have watched too many Hindi films, in which the actor and actress dance around trees (and what not, thank God they don’t climb the trees) and almost behave like monkeys.  The monkey mind also keeps looking for the 'monkey' word everywhere. Even when I am looking for quotes, my mind stops at, “When you offer peanuts, you attract monkeys.” Enough is enough friends…..
Sri Aurobindo, Indian saint-philosopher wrote that one day human mind will be replaced by intuition as it will not be required (our intuition will judge and take decisions without the complicated calculations of the mind). He says, the tail disappeared during the evolution of human being from monkey as it was no longer required. Though we have evolved from monkeys into human beings, but our mind is still behaving like a monkey. So what is the solution, you are bound to ask me.
Ay……..Ay…Ay, where are you going? Dear Readers, I am sorry, but my monkey mind has hopped again.

"Blessed is he who has learned to laugh at himself for he shall never cease to be entertained."
John Boswell

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