Storytelling and Life Skills

Some life skills help you become a much better storyteller. On the other hand, storytelling teaches you some precious life skills.

a) Observation Skills
A keen observation makes you a good storyteller. Observe people around you, observe your environment & you will find inspiration for stories.

b) Listening Skills
When you listen to people deeply, more people will come forward to share their stories. Stories build bonds

c) Empathy
Good stories create empathy. Empathy creates great stories. Stories which evoke empathy also make a strong emotional connect with audience

Good storytelling helps you develop these life skills in turn:-

a) Public speaking
Best public speakers are good storytellers. Art of narration & voice modulation helps in mastering public speaking

b) Leadership Skills
Storytelling is a powerful tool for persuasion. No wonder good storytelling skills help you become a better leader

c) Wisdom for Life
My teacher Michael Margolis says, "To become a master storyteller is to master life itself"

What is Your Take ? 


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