Heroes Amongst Us

32 Inspirational Stories 

(from 6 countries)

of Ordinary People 

who Achieved Extraordinary Success

(with 32 Success Mantras)

About the Book

This book is about stories of ordinary people who went on to do extraordinary things.

The objective is clear and razor sharp: to inspire readers especially who belong to the blogging community. We have included stories of people who talk about their challenges at various stages of life and how they overcame these challenges to become successful. Readers can co-relate with their own struggles and draw inspiration from these real-life situations.

Building Global Bridges
You might be wondering why we chose thirty two people across six countries. The human story has the same vulnerability everywhere and people go through similar struggles, experiences, emotions, successes, failures; it’s the same roller coaster rides. From USA to Africa, from Australia to India, we have the same longing for love and belonging. To build global bridges between cultures, nations and people, we need to focus on these similarities rather than our differences.

Finding your story
During sessions on ’Finding Your Story’, we use an activity sheet with a series of thought-provoking questions relating to childhood, youth and life lessons. Once the participants fill the activity sheet, they are asked to connect the dots and find the common thread.

For example, during one workshop, a participant realised that everything she has done in life is related to education and thus, found her common thread by connecting the dots. Have you found your story?

From Self-storytelling to Self-awareness
I have been writing a series of anecdotes about my life and keep discovering new threads that connect my story. Let me share some of my critical learning in the journey:

- Writing our story creates better self-awareness that in turn leads to better storytelling; 
- Writing our story also makes us aware of the areas in our life which require healing. Remember, suppression doesn’t lead to healing, only expression does; 
Creating our story requires us to undertake the following steps: 
- Identify the patterns, find the keywords, connect the dots, understand our authentic style and narrate our story;
- Connecting the dots in our stories helps us to find the common threads in our story which in turn helps in finding the purpose of our life;
- An integrated story needs to interweave the common threads between personal and stories of the organization.

Have you connected the dots in the story of your life? 

What We Write Has Transformative Powers on Our Future.

In this era of information overload and complexity, the one thing that will stay constant is who you are at your core, what you value and your own discernment.

My hope is that at some time soon, you will grow strength not from the outside but by revisiting your journals, your blogs, your stories. Your strength comes from within and you can write yourself into a vital future.

Jennifer Sertl, President and Founder, Agility 3R, New York 

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From the Forewords

I am confident Dr Nagpal’s book will play an important role in encouraging many leaders to emerge and take us towards a tryst with a great destiny.

Dr Ganesh Natarajan, 
Chairman, Social Venture Partners India and 5F World, Pune

The carefully selected stories, discovered and curated by Dr Amit Nagpal, feature common people from different walks of life. The stories are both heart-warming and inspirational. These stories carry secret pearls of wisdom that will teach, inspire and motivate the readers to adopt a never give-up attitude. Over 30 doers, dreamers, achievers, creators and most importantly digital innovators are showcased in Dr Amit Nagpal’s book and it’s fascinating to know their unique stories.
Dr Annurag Batra, 
Chairman and Editor in Chief, BusinessWorld, New Delhi


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