Save the World, Heal the World International Blogging Contest

Save the World, Heal the World International Blogging Contest
(jointly organized by Bloggers Alliance, Save the Himalayas Foundation and Specttrum PR)

Entries are invited for international blogging competition from students and working professionals on the following themes:-

Save the Himalayas to Stop the Climate Change
Heal the World, Save Mother Earth (UB SDGs, Sustainable living, 3P, Pollution)

Rules and regulations
1)     The entries need to be in English language only. The word limit is 600 words.
2)     Student Category
You need to submit a proof of pursuing a full time course
Age limit- 30 years
3)     Working Professionals category
Age limit- No age limit
4)     The blog needs to be published on your blog/ LinkedIn or Medium and the link needs to be shared with us.
5)     In case of more than 15 % plagiarism (including quotes etc) the entry will be disqualified.
6)     To know more about prizes, visit this link
7)     In  case of any queries, please send an email to
8)     The last date for the competition is 30th September, 2019.


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