“The Vibes in the Photo” and other Stories on Vibes

Mini Stories on Wisdom and Life


"Your vibes are so positive and calm. In fact I get conscious about my vibes in your company", he complimented her.

"Thanks for the compliment. But why should you get conscious. I didn't get that", she asked.

"Your vibes make me wonder how positive my vibes are. That's it. That is the second compliment in fact", he replied.

"Oh really?", she grinned with a wide smile.

"The Vibes in the Photo"

"Ehhh, just look at this photo.
Your friend on your left has a really beautiful smile.", he told her.

Surprisingly she was not getting jealous, so he continued, "Oh she has a smile almost as beautiful as yours."

"Ahaan" was all she had to say. He had failed to make her jealous inspite of all the sincere efforts. Or may be she was good at hiding her feelings.

He added, "And your other friend on your right, it seems she has faced exceptional struggles in life. Am I right?"

She replied with an astonished look this time, "This is so true. I didn't know, you can read faces also."

He began to laugh, "Every face tells me a story. Actually I can sense the vibes even in a photo and part of my face reading comes from experience."

"A Calming Energy"

"Your vibes are usually so calming. Your company calms me too", he told her.

"What do you mean by 'usually'?", she asked.

"When you are thinking of me, you tend to get excited. Rest of the time you are calm", he pulled her leg.

"Actually when I am thinking of you, I am the most calm", she was quick witted.


"Intelligence of the Universe" 

"I think both of you are so compatible. Why are you avoiding him?", he asked her. 

"I feel too attracted to him. That's why", she promptly replied. 

"If you are scared of falling in love, it means you are already in love", he advised. 

"Oh no. Don't confuse me further", she sounded puzzled. 

"I think your vibes match too much with his vibes. And you must trust the intelligence of the Universe more than your own", he whispered in his soft voice.

Touch Me Not or Vibe Me Not -A Story of a Super-Sensitive Soul
"Why do I find it so easy to write, yet so difficult to say?", she asked herself.

And she added, "I am feeling so shy, while I am writing this. Why do I find it much easier to describe a kiss than to perform a kiss? I am a funny character for sure."

She was on her annual reflection vacation and what could be better for reflection than the majestically mysterious Himalayas. She kept questioning herself, "But then aren't we all funny and idiosyncratic in our own unique ways? Aren't we all cracked pots with cracks at different places?"

And the reader could imagine and visualize the shy author that she was. From one cursory glance at her photo even an idiot could make out that she was one of those super-sensitive souls.

Touch me not types? No, "Vibe me not" suited her more.


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