"A New Dictionary" and Other Stories on Wisdom and Life

Mini Stories on Wisdom, Love and Life

"A New Dictionary"

"Stop using these terms viz. scarcity, office politics, Monday blues, pain, pressure, mind games and so on. Throw away the old dictionary as I am going to gift you a new one", he told her.

"And what terms are there in the new dictionary?", she asked inquisitively.

"The new dictionary will have a completely different set of terms. Abundance, collaboration, Unconditional love, healing, passion, soul, serendipity and so on", he replied.

And together they began a new journey into a new world.

"Single Child"

"Why are you lost in thoughts so often?", he asked her.

"You can never understand me. You have never experienced the kind of loneliness I have been through as a single child", she replied.

"Human story is a story of loneliness. Everyone experiences It, be it for hours, days or years. Yet the only solution is to move from loneliness to aloneness because nobody can be by our side all the time", he continued.

"I thought loneliness and aloneness were more or less same", she was prompt.

"They are as same as fire and water. Loneliness is painful but aloneness is joyful. Loneliness or aloneness is a choice we need to make. Only when we love ourselves and our company we can be alone and joyful", he explained.

"You be You. Because I am I"

"Finally I can be I now", she told her coach

"And what does that mean?", he was impressed as well as surprised with her new found confidence.

"Finally I am comfortable in my skin. I am comfortable with myself. Some personality traits I have worked & improved upon and rest of them I have accepted gracefully", she replied with an inner confidence that inspires.

What made her truly charismatic now was the natural way & ease with which she carried herself. Surprisingly even camera couldn't make her conscious anymore.

She left everyone in a state of Awww now....yes in awe of her authenticity.....and in awe of her magic.

The Playful Smile

"What is so special about my smile? So many people have beautiful smiles.", she asked.

"There is something playful about your smile which makes it special", he knew the answer well.

"Are you trying to say that I have a naughty smile?", she liked to cross question.

"Children have naughty smiles. Adults have playful smiles", he answered.

"In Love With Life"

"You are writing lot of romantic stuff these days. Are you in love with someone?", she asked him.

"I am always in love. Sometimes in love with a person, sometimes with nature, sometimes with inner divine and .........sometimes with the life itself", he replied without an after thought.

"Ahaan. So that's the story", she smiled.

"Were You a Professor in Previous Birth?" 

He- Were you a professor in your previous birth? You are such an intellectual, books lover and an old head on young shoulders....a professor in so many ways. 

She (innocently)- How do I know what was I in my previous birth? 

He- (starts laughing) I was just pulling your leg. 

She- Oh really. 

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Dr Amit Nagpal is a business storyteller, bestselling author and digital storytelling coach. He specialises in brand storytelling (on social media) and executive presence. You can write to him at amit@dramitnagpal.com.


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