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Ten Years of Digital: 2007- 2017

I began my digital journey in 2007 and recently completed ten years in the virtual world. I had started blogging in 2009 and decided to collate Top 10 posts on my blog since the begining of the journey. Here are the All Time Top 10 posts on my blog. Happy Reading.

1 PM Narendra Modi is my inspiration 

The blog tops the charts with 5,000+ views. In a previous post, I had talked about how PM Modi’s inspirational storytelling approach had inspired me to create 7E model of Storytelling. (7Es of storytelling include Empathy, Emotional connect, Edutainment, Evocation, Eloquence, Energy and Engagement)
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2 Personal Branding as an Empowerment Tool
Life is unfair”, we all would have uttered these words at some point of time in our lives. In spite of being equally competent, many of us lose out at the workplace because we are/ were :-

- not educated at a premier b-school or
- educated in a small town or
- gentle/ unassertive nature or
- introvert or
- are physically challenged or
- suffer due to gender stereotypes and so on.

3- Irene Becker- International Pioneer in Coaching 

The 3Q Edge refers to three critical areas of strength that I believe are important to life and leadership in the 21st Century. Areas of strength that can be developed/built using not only our potential but the challenges we face as catalysts for positive growth. Q1 IQ-Intellectual capacity under stress Q2 Emotional Intelligence Q3 Spiritual Quotient-our alignment to our highest power, our greatest values.

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4 How we created a Bestseller in Just Six Months?

Great marketing starts with a great product. A great product creates a pull and requires lesser selling efforts. Our first priority as authors was to give a great experience to our readers and create a reader friendly book. With team efforts, the first edition was sold within 6 months.

We used the following strategies to make the book an Amazon Bestseller:-Read More

5 Aligning Personal Development with Organisational Development

I think everyone was born with a question to chew on in a lifetime that keeps you up at night and the quest for which gives you meaning. This is my question and why I wrote Strategy, Leadership and the Soul with my friend and colleague Koby Huberman. 
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6 Women and Personal Brand Storytelling
From Facebook queen Mari Smith, to LinkedIn Diva Lori Ruff, to globally renowned social media experts Kim Garst and Shelly D Kramer, women have taken global social media by the storm.

7 Why Introverts are often misunderstood and what they can do about it 
In a previous blog post (which went viral), “How Introverts like Guy Kawasaki and Pete Cashmore are changing the rules of the game with Online Branding?”, I shared my journey and how Susan Cain’s book “Quiet” changed my life forever. Interestingly, Susan also points out that introversion has three cousins, “shyness, sensitivity and seriousness”. Yet these three traits of introverts are often misunderstood and need a perception correction.
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8 Brand Storytelling FAQ


A) Brand Storytelling FAQ
B) Personal Branding FAQ

9 Personal Branding for Authors and Bloggers
A book is generally considered a symbol of expertise in the subject, and in case of fiction writers, expertise at storytelling. A book is a powerful tool for personal branding and authors have an edge in that sense.Passionate bloggers also often collate their blogs into a book.

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10 BNi Incredibles, Gurgaon- A Story of Networking and Bonding
An Incredible Story of Success through Collaboration
A Senior Finance Executive who quit his job at American Express to start a health food restaurant
A CA who started a recruitment consulting firm to put round pegs in round holes
A Signage systems expert who brought the 80 year old pioneering business from Chawri Bazaar to Gurgaon 

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