How We Created a Bestseller in Just Six Months?

Using Twitter and Other Tools for Book Marketing- A Success Story
No matter how good intentions you may have, people look only at your presentations.
No matter how good presentations you may have, God looks only at your intentions”

Great marketing starts with a great product. A great product creates a pull and requires lesser selling efforts. Our first priority as authors was to give a great experience to our readers and create a reader friendly book. With team efforts, the first edition was sold within 6 months.

We used the following strategies to make the book an Amazon Bestseller:-

Creating a great product- The book is the first book by Indian authors on the topic. It has plenty of illustrations, cartoons, examples and case studies to make it easy to read as well as practical to apply. Renowned cartoonist Ismail Lahari, (Editorial Cartoonist, Dainik Bhaskar) has created the cartoons for the book. 

The book has several infographics and screenshots and is especially useful for creatives, introverts and professionals. It has dedicated chapters for doctors, journalists, social entrepreneurs, bureaucrats, women and so on. The back cover of the book has reviews by leading global storytellers viz. Jeff Rock, Dr Sally Fox and leading Indian blogger Shail Raghuvanshi. The Foreword to the book has been written by renowned agile leadership expert Jennifer Sertl based in New York.

The authors have tried to understand pain areas of various professionals and made an honest attempt to suggest practical solutions.

Online and offline distribution- The book has been well distributed on all prominent online platforms (Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Paytm, Just Dial and so on) as well as popular retail chains (and stores) such as Oxford. Team Story Mirror under the guidance of Devendra Jaiswal (Co-Founder and Head-Marketing) has done a great job.

Bulk buying by corporates- Many companies in the banking, IT, pharmaceutical, media and real estate sectors have purchased the book in bulk and distributed it to their top management.

Targeted marketing on Twitter- Twitter was extensively used to promote the book to those who are interested in personal branding and social media. Targeted marketing is one of the major advantages of digital marketing and we have been doing it successfully with Twitter.
Twitter handle

Facebook Page (and promoted posts)- The FB page was used to share visual content (quotable quotes) which were created by the publisher’s team. The best posts were boosted / promoted to the right target audience. We have received a very enthusiastic response from Facebook users.
Facebook Page

Blogs- Blogs were used to promote the book to relevant segments such as professionals, creatives and introverts. An attempt was made to co-relate the reader’s pain area with the book and how personal branding becomes a solution.
Personal Branding as an empowerment tool
Why Introverts are often misunderstood and what they can do about it?

Adding book title at the top of author profiles- The book title and the link to buy the book was added on the social media profiles of both the authors right at the top on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Quora, Google + and so on.

Highlighting features of the book (Ten reasons series)- A ten reasons series was created to explain the major features of the book to the potential readers.

Personal gifting to celebrities- As co-author Dr Prakash Hindustani has been an award winning and renowned Hindi journalist for more than 3 decades, he gifted the copies of the book to celebrities from all walks of life including Lok Sabha Speaker Smt Sumitra Mahajan, CM of Chattisgarh Dr Raman Singh, lyricist Rahat Indori, cricket commentator Sushil Doshi, Governor of Harayana Kaptan Singh Solanki, and so on.

Blog reviews- The book has been reviewed by several prominent bloggers across India and some of the links of the book reviews are given below:-
Shruti Bhutani, Gurgaon

Prem Rao, Bangalore

Alka Ranjan  Hyderabad

Prakashan BV, Bangalore

Ira Sahai, Gurgaon

Gifting to social media influencers- Dr Amit Nagpal is asocial media expert and is well connected with social media influencers and he sent review copies of the book to social media influencers across India.

Challenging the leader(Dummies series)- On Amazon, lot of people were buying our book and the famous Dummies series book together. In one of their social media posts, the authors have directly challenged the leading book in the subject “Personal Branding for Dummies”. The readers were asked to buy both the books and compare which one was more relevant for the Indian or eastern cultures.

Amazon reviews- We have received very good reviews of the book and out of the 14 reviews received so far, 13 have rated the book as 5 star and only one person has rated it as 4 star (aggregating 4.9 stars).

Multi city launch- The book was launched in several cities of India including Indore, Ahmedabad, Surat and Chandigarh and received lot of attention from the mass media also.
Webdunia review
Review by Collector, Indore 

Spectrum News, Chandigarh

International Reviews
The international reviews have started flowing in. The book is now available globally via 

Review by Prof Anand Tomar, UK

Author interviews on blogs and mass media- The authors were interviewed by several renowned bloggers and journalists.

A Potpourri of Vestiges
Free Press Journal

Promotional Talks - Talks were organized at several MBA and other institutes to promote the book including BM Munjal University, International Coach Federation (Delhi NCR chapter), Indore Press Club, Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Chandigarh Press Club, South Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Ahmedabad Book Club and so on.

Creating Mystery- Suspense is one of the most powerful storytelling tools. To create suspense, we added ‘Beyond” to the book title. Suspense makes reader wonder what's going to happen next, and that's why we named it-Personal Branding Storytelling and "Beyond" to create a mystery.

We would also like to thank all our friends and well wishers who have spread the word about the book and made it a bestseller.

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About the Book

The book has been co-authored by Dr Amit Nagpal and Dr Prakash Hindustani. It has been published by Story Mirror (Delhi/ Mumbai). It is divided into three parts viz. a) Personal Branding, b) Storytelling and c) Beyond Storytelling. The book also includes case study on PM Narendra Modi, Anand Mahindra and Steve Jobs. 

The book takes the reader on a journey from branding to bonding and from personal branding to inspirational storytelling.


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