"Noisy Mind is your Untold Story" & Other Stories

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"Noise is your untold story"

"Why so much noise is there in my mind? Why my mind is so cluttered with thoughts? I feel as if I am swimming in chaos O' master", she was overwhelmed with clutter of thoughts.

"Noise is the untold story. You keep suppressing pain and don't share. You fear becoming vulnerable and people taking undue advantage. You are scared of deeply personal pain getting leaked to unwanted people. All fear and pain has turned into noise and clutter. Noise is nothing but your untold story", master was wise in real sense of the term.

She determined to find peace, deep peace which she deserved. She decided to share her untold stories to strangers and closest friends. And thus began her journey to Nirvana......


Heart to Heart. Mind to Mind

"I prefer heart to heart relationships in personal life. But some people use only mind. And some people start with the heart and are soon acting only from the mind. O master how do I respond ?", he asked.

"Those who act from the heart deserve your heart. Those who act from the mind deserve your mind. You need to remember that the mind is driven by fear & baggage and the heart is driven by love & affection. Only when you become a Buddha, you will be able to activate the heart of someone who uses only the mind", the modern master was cool.

"Well said master. Thank you", he was grateful.


Confessions of a Daughter

"My gut feeling says that you have lived an interesting life. I am curious to know your story", he asked her.

"Yes you are right. For a long period in my life, I have been a victim of crossfire because I refused to take sides. When you love and respect two people equally you want to stay neutral after all", she replied.

"And what did life teach you?", he got more curious.

"Life taught me that choosing sides is a necessary evil and it's called "loyalty". Human beings usually have narrow minds and hearts. Staying neutral means you end up alone. Even if it is a war between your own parents, you have to choose. Isn't life often a choice between the devil and the deep blue sea?", she had a calm which rather disturbed you. It made you wonder whether it was a storm before the lull or a lull before the storm.

A strange calm. A stormy calm. An uneasy calm.


Innocent and Pure hearted

"Do I look foolishly innocent?", she asked him.

"No. You look sweet, innocent and pure-hearted. Why are you even asking such a question?", he was taken aback for a while.

"It seems cunning people are tempted to cheat me. It's a different thing that usually they are not able to. But what tempts them to do that? Of late I have begun to wonder", she looked zapped.

"Just be smart enough so that no one is able to take you for a ride. If you have manipulative and cunning energy right on your face, nobody will try to cheat you. But good people will start running away from you. Do you want that?", he continued.

"No I am better off this way", she smiled finally.



"Why are you laughing?", she asked him.

"This is the fourth time somebody has become pretty possessive about me", he replied.

"I thought only wives and girlfriends were possessive. So who is she?", she asked in a mischievous tone while her eyes twinkled.

"In childhood a friend became possessive. Then a mentee became possessive. Then a sister became possessive. And now...", he paused and laughed again.

"You are so affectionate. And there is shortage of love and affection in our world. So people naturally become possessive and women more so", she continued her gyaan (knowledge).

"Ahaan. And the paradox is, the one who should have been posessive never was.", he said and smiled.

"When people feel emotionally dependent on someone or put too much emotion in a relationship, it is human to become possessive. Have you never been possessive?", she looked straight into his eyes.

"Yes I have been. Possessiveness to some extent is healthy for a relationship. But beyond a point it makes even generous people miserly", he shared while looking at the ground.

"Yes that's true. We need balance yet we keep losing it all the time. And that's human too", she was certainly an enlightened soul.

"I bow down to your enlightened wisdom. Thank you m'am", he laughed once again.

(All characters appearing in the stories above are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. © 2016, Dr Amit Nagpal )


Brief Profile

Dr Amit Nagpal, PhD is a Business Storyteller, Keynote Speaker and Digital Storytelling Coach. He is one of the pioneers of digital storytelling in India. After working for more than two decades in academics, and corporates (including publishing, television and digital marketing), he realised teaching is meditationand storytelling is Nirvana.

He is also Chief Inspirational Storyteller at AL Services. AL Services has co-created stories of some of the most inspiring people in India & abroad. He tweets at @DrAmitInspires. To connect / follow on social media, visit about.me


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