"Enlightenment is an Accident" and Other Stories on Wisdom

Mini Stories on Wisdom
"Enlightenment is an Accident"

"I want to be accident prone, so that one day I can meet with the accident.", she told him.

"Have you gone bonkers once again? Or you are too intelligent for me the ordinary mortal", he looked hapless.

"Why do you take a high jump to conclusions? You need to coach and train your idiotic mind. Enlightenment is an accident and meditation makes you accident prone. Now will 'Your Highness' permit me to be accident prone?" she smiled.

He blushed and felt like a true idiot.

Of Success & Mixed Feelings

"Success is the funniest and weirdest of all the life experiences. When you finally get it, you begin to wonder whether it was worth it", she was thinking out loud.

She patted herself on her shoulders for all the hurdles she had crossed successfully. She felt self-empathy for all those moments when she had fiercely held all those tears which wanted to break free. She remembered all the times when she had gathered her last ounce of will & courage and had just just refused to give up. Yet she had begun to cherish the moments when people felt a sense of pride in standing next to her and getting clicked.

She felt grateful to the master who had given her the golden success mantra, "Tough times do not last but tough people do. And it is tough people who write an inspiring story."

Her story had begun to inspire people immensely. After all it was a story which had more thàn mere twists and turns. It was a story which had a twisted, turned into iron kinda soul, which had survived and thrived on the deepest of turbulences.

Sunshine Girl

"Why do you call me sunshine girl? Am I too hot to handle? It is Westerners who love the tanning, while Indians usually hate the sun", she pulled his leg this time.

"Sunshine girl is my favourite song. When there is no sun in winters for long, people are more prone to depression. When you are not around with your cheerful, sunny smile, I start getting depressed. So you are my sunshine", he replied.

"And do I cause sunburns too?", she quizzed.

"Yes once in a while but that's fine. Like Bob Marley says, the truth is everyone is going to hurt you, you have to find the ones worth suffering for. And you are certainly worth the suffering. LOL.", he said with a serious smile

"Arguments with Bob Marley"

"Bob you say that everyone will hurt you. But does that mean you will also hurt everybody? Or some people only hurt and some only get hurt", she questioned Bob in her dream.

"Sensitive people get hurt and hard hearted are the ones who hurt", he replied.

"Most of the time we hurt ourselves because we do not know the complete story. Sometimes we expect something and it is our unmet expectation that hurts. And sometimes people hurt you because of a misunderstanding", she shared her view.

"I am impressed. Human story is far more complicated than we think" Bob looked at her with awe.

She smiled at the fact that she had impressed Bob, the great musician. But then she got up and realised that it was all but a dream.


The Balance

"What makes you such a balanced person?", she was curious to know.

"In my college days I had two close friends who influenced me strongly. The first one kept a watch on all the girls. And all the girls kept a watch on the second one. Meanwhile I strived to find a balance", he replied with a gentle laughter.
Give First, Gain More

"O Master, 'Success' is the greatest of all the paradoxes I have come across in life. Those who are successful keep becoming more successful, while the unsuccessful remain stuck", the student sounded sad.

"The paradox is that to become successful you have to help the successful become even more successful. Give first but you will gain more", the master was brutally honest

"But master why is it so? Isn't it the moral responsibility of the successful to help the unsuccessful?", the student continued.

"Yes it is and they do help and give back to society. But still they can't help all the unsuccessful people even if they wish to. Life itself is a paradox. Isn't it?", the master smiled mystically.


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