Digital Storytelling-Humanizing the Technology Story


Bryan Kramer, a globally renowned speaker and author says there are no more B2B and B2C, because businesses today are all about H2H or Human to Human. A new wave has begun in the corporate world which is being labeled as the humanization of business.

It is an irrefutable fact that technology often takes away the human interface and that is why technology organisations may be more prone to getting lost in process orientation and loosing the human touch.

If IT organisations take the lead in popularizing digital storytelling, it will not only help them emotionally connect with their consumers but also result in higher sales of their digital products by empowering the digital marketing process itself.

What’s new about storytelling?

Storytelling is about connecting with people and helping people to see, what you see. Digital and social media have democratized business storytelling, which was earlier a privilege of large organisations (executed through the big daddies of advertising). Thanks to digital and social media, everyone can share their story with the world at nominal costs including small and medium sized organisations. Even large organisations like Mahindra Comviva have already begun to train their in-house marketing teams in digital and social media storytelling. Besides organisations and brands can create an image of a more approachable and personal entity for themselves in the eyes of consumers through storytelling on social media.

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