Well Woman Clinic Story

The Founder & the Vision
During her eight years of employment at India’s best hospital “AIIMS (All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi)”, Dr Nupur Gupta was exposed to the best in terms of medical care and technology. Thereafter she began her private practice and established ‘Well Woman Clinic’, at Sukhda Hospital, New Delhi and later in Gurgaon in 2010. The vision is to provide holistic wellness healthcare to Indian women.
Dr Nupur says, “My long term goal is to popularize preventive gynecology in a more structured way by franchising my 'Well Woman' brand and taking it national with help of an investor. My ideal team consists of a Nutritionist, a Life Coach, Fitness expert, Psychologist and a Women Health Imaging professional, besides paramedical staff and health insurance support of course.
Jahan e Niswa show on Zee Salaam with Dr Nupur Gupta
Active at the Activity Front
The activities being undertaken by the clinic can be divided into two groups viz. primary and secondary. Primary activities include patient examination, medicine and surgery. Secondary activities include information, education and communication of women health issues. (Also known as IEC)
The primary team members include Dr Manjiri Deshpande, Preeti Subberwal and Yogyata Gandhi. Dr Manjiri Deshpande, a certified childbirth educator from CAPPA (Child Birth and Postpartum Association), USA and fellow in newborn care and parenting from hug your baby. She says, “I am passionate about natural birth and parenting. My role at the clinic ranges from natural birth education to supporting Dr Nupur in patient examination and treatment.
The IEC activities at Well Woman clinic can be broadly classified into three groups:-
  1. Information- Blogs, social media groups/ pages etc, radio, print media & TV interviews
  2. Education-Formal workshops for patients as well as junior doctors
  3. Communication-Individual counseling, family counseling
Here are some of the major activities which are conducted to inform, educate and communicate women health and holistic wellness issues esp those relating to pregnancy.
Dr Manjiri Deshpande (left) and Dr Nupur Gupta at Well Woman Clinic, Nirvana Country, Gurgaon
Creating Awareness
The clinic regularly organises events and activities to spread awareness on critical issues like breast cancer, PCOD (polycysticovaries), Vitamin D Deficiency, cervical cancer and preconception Counseling and so on. A Slideshare presentation was uploaded for creating breast cancer awareness for example. She spoke in detail few months ago to Business Standard about how menstrual taboo can be broken in the society. She blogs on LinkedIn and Paras Hospitals blog on critical issues like infertility and so on.
Breaking the Pregnancy Myths
India has many myths surrounding pregnancy and some of them are popular even amongst educated women. Breaking these myths is one of the core activities to educate and empower women. She spoke to world No1 blog Huffington Post about pregnancy myths recently.
Conducting Well Woman Antenatal Classes
The antenatal classes are organised not only for the expecting mothers but also their husbands and family members. The common concerns of the pregnant women can be handled through such group activities while individual problems are discussed at a personal level. There is a dedicated Facebook page where you can find out more about antenatal classes.
Dr Yogyata Gandhi, physiotherapist & fitness expert says, "Teaching yoga to expectant couples brings to me a sense of responsibility; the wonderful feeling that how a simple thing like dhyana or asana could connect mother-father with the life within... Waves of love, compassion and bliss all over and it doesn't seem like a "yoga class" it seems MAGICAL!"
Preeti Subberwal, a Holistic Pregnancy Coach in her team says, “I empower pregnant mothers to address their and their baby’s psychological and spiritual dimensions besides physical and intellectual as they nourish their unborn. I counsel them to take complete responsibility of the souls entrusted to their care.
Achievements Galore
You can see appreciation flowing in from mass media to social media, from testimonials to the touching words which come instantly from a patient’s mouth. Some of the recent successes include a woman with slew of diseases, who gave birthhow mother and baby survived miraculously and so on. She is on the panel of Aaj Tak/ India Today group and answers Q & A on Aaj Tak.
New Initiatives
The clinic is planning new initiatives in collaboration and co-creation modes. The planned initiatives include eBooks and other publications, training junior doctors, documentation of success stories and so on.
Women, well you have a bright future in the hands of Well Woman Clinic and its team.
(Story co-created by AL Services with Well Woman Clinic team)
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